tot school - the solar system - age three

We learned about the Solar System this week in Tot School! It was definitely a fantastic week and Ethan had a lot of fun learning about all of the planets!


For this one, I put out some different colored playdough and different cards with photos of each planet. Ethan used the playdough to create the planets and match them up on the corresponding card. He loved this activity and did it frequently throughout the week!


I paired marshmallows, toothpicks and these cards from Mrs. Home Ec to teach Ethan about constellations. He had fun building these constellations as well as making his own. It was fun hearing the silly names he would come up with for his constellations as he worked! By some miracle, we made it through the whole week without him tasting even one marshmallow.


Since Pluto is no longer a planet, a fact which apparently still is causing some controversy, I decided to still give it some love by teaching Ethan about the dwarf planets. He was pretty excited to do this tray but was over it pretty quickly.


This was a little fun one to help practice directions, all of which were a breeze but we are still learning left and right. We would read the direction cards together and Ethan would place Astronaut Ethan wherever the direction card told him to do so. By the end of the week, he pretty much has a great handle on left vs. right though he still gets confused here and there. It was great practice and he loved seeing himself as a "real astronaut!"


Ethan was pretty excited about this tray. At first I couldn't tell if it was because there were cookies or because it was fun! But after the first "that gibbous looks delicious," I figured it out pretty quickly! He had fun doing this tray and also eating the "moons." Needless to say, we only got to do this one once!


For this one, we recreated one of Ethan's favorite Eric Carle books and it made the perfect independent craft activity. Ethan loves crafts that he can do from start to finish on his own, and this was the perfect one to do just that!


I made a model of all of the planets from little foam balls from the craft store. I kept the sun in when presenting it to Ethan and the rest of the foam ball planets on the table. Ethan got to identify each planet and stick them into the styrofoam board (which was numbered, so we could learn what planet was what number planet). He did really awesome with this one! He kept mixing up Venus and Mars, but can still identify each planet and otherwise knows exactly where they all go!


This was just a fun one to help Ethan get extra practice with spelling his name. Once he ordered the letters correctly, they formed a space shuttle.


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  1. What a fun week!!! Seriously, love it all! The constellations with toothpicks and marshmallows…and your solar system display is awesome!

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