talk like a pirate day!

Last night, I told myself I'd refresh Facebook one more time and then go to sleep. Of course on that last refresh, I learned that today was Talk Like A Pirate Day and that you could get free donuts for going into Krispy Kreme dressed as a pirate. I don't recall seeing a Krispy Kreme since I was a kid, but a quick Google search showed me that there was still one fifteen minutes away. That was really all the motivation I needed to put off bedtime in exchange for creating a pirate costume for Ethan. It was pretty late at night, so running out for supplies was out of the question. I'm not very crafty, but I stood inside our tot school classroom, stared down our supply drawer and improvised a little.

This morning, Ethan woke up and I filled him in on it being Talk Like A Pirate Day and in typical threenager fashion he made me swear I wouldn't speak like a pirate in public. (Luckily for him, "ahoy, matey" is the extent of my pirate speak.) We made a couple of adjustments to his costume and then hopped in the car. Ethan had big ideas about this excursion. He didn't want any real pirates to think he was a real pirate and take him back on a ship with them, but he also wanted to definitely see real pirates. He also specifically wanted to Jake, but he didn't want Jake to think he was Captain Hook. I tried to prepare him for the fact that none of these things may happen without being a total dream crusher, but he was pumped.

We got to Krispy Kreme and no one else was there. He excitedly ordered a pirate donut and even got a dozen free glazed donuts for his awesome (you know, if I don't say so myself) costume! In between bites, he began excitedly making plans for sharing his big box of donuts. On the way out, after sighing that he didn't get to see any real pirates, a group of middle school aged kids walked in dress in their pirate gear. Ethan hid behind my legs, gasped, pointed and said, "look, mommy! Real pirates!" Give or take a Jake sighting, everything went as planned -- and maybe even a little better.

We spent all morning sharing donuts: one for the guy at my parent's guardhouse, a few for his friends at My Gym and their mommies, one for Aunt Megan and so on. Once we got home, there was one left. He peeked into the box and said "I think I'll share this one with me. Tomorrow. Tomorrow I'll share it with myself." Sounds good, matey.

Last Minute Pirate Gear:

- The beaded necklaces were leftover from Ethan's pirate birthday party. He refused to wear them -- just like the eye patch I made him. "I can't see with the eye patch on my eye, mommy." Good point.
- The pirate hat, I cut out of construction paper and glued on a skeleton from a pack of Halloween decorations I got from the Target dollar spot the other day. You could always draw a skull and crossbones but I'm not an artist, so I was lucky to have one on hand. Using duct tape (I'm so high tech, right?), I attached the hat to a black headband.
- The parrot was made from an empty toilet paper roll wrapped in red construction paper. We glued on some eyes, a construction paper beak and googley eyes. Again with the help of duct tape, I attached it to Ethan's shoulder. This was his favorite part of his costume.
- The hook was some aluminum foil duct taped onto a black cup.
- His shirt, of course, is from Target.

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