the all-new you are the roots.

Alright, can we take a minute and bask in the absolute beauty that is the new look of You Are The Roots?!

Okay, now that you've tried to wrap your mind around the astonishment and wonder of such a make-over, let me introduce you to the artist behind the new look. Her name is Katie and she blogs over at Priceless Adventure. Katie is the genius behind Priceless Design Studio and she has totally taken my breath away with my gorgeous new blog design. I mean, I'm totally speechless...and, if you know me, that really never happens. That says something.

Not only is Katie pretty much the most talented person on the planet, she is such a nice person. I'm not exactly "tech savvy" (somewhere in an office in Fort Lauderdale, my husband is enthusiastically nodding his head in agreement) and yet that didn't stop Katie one bit. She happily, helpfully and brilliantly revamped my blog from head to toe, always stopping to make sure that I was happy with the designs she was considering. Katie really took the time to get to know my personal tastes, likes and dislikes and really put herself in my shoes when creating my design. It was such a pleasure to work with her and, you know, she sure feels like a friend at this point!

I'm so happy to announce "ta-da!" and unveil the new look here at You Are The Roots, and it's all thanks to Priceless Design Studio!

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