let your memories grow stronger and stronger 'til they're before your eyes

My OB office recently held a "cute baby photo contest" on Facebook for all of their patients and the cute babies that their doctors brought into this world. I had entered one of my favorite photographs of Ethan from Thanksgiving, sitting in his Bumbo and wearing his favorite silly turkey hat. Ethan's picture racked up over 200 votes and won the contest, making him the winner of a cute new I-Pod shuffle!

This morning, Ethan and I headed over to the office to pick up his prize and take some photographs with the doctor who delivered him! (If any of you Boca Raton area mommies-to-be are looking for an out of this world OB, this is your guy!)

It was pretty amazing to see Dr. Arcelin holding Ethan now for the first time since he held him up over that surgical curtain and showed us our beautiful newborn baby boy! I keep saying it and I'm pretty sure this is the unspoken motto of motherhood but, gosh, time seriously flies.

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  1. How fun! He sure is a cutie pie! I would love to see the photo that made him the winner.

  2. Awww, he's so DESERVING of this win! That's one handsome little fella you got there. :)

  3. Congratulations on the big win! How cool that you got to see your Dr. holding him now :)

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