On Saturday morning, our local chapter of Stroller Strides held the "Stroller Bowl" as a nod to the Super Bowl. My husband told me who we wanted to win -- apparently the Giants -- and I made cute shirts (Team Ethan, represent!) and set off in hopes that we wouldn't completely kill one another. My husband is both athletic and competitive. I, on the other hand, am neither. Or more like the epitome of neither. I was begging our teacher for bonus points for the cute shirts I'd made and silently hoping that this wouldn't turn into a fiasco in which my husband and I didn't speak to one another for a week.

It was actually fun and a really great morning. So, naturally, something had to give. And that something came in the form of a couple of sneezes and an awfully runny nose. Ethan came down with a cold. He had just passed his lung recheck after all of the damage his bout with RSV had done in November and I was incredibly worried that this cold would somehow get into his lungs and reintroduce us to Ethan's old pal the nebulizer. It thankfully didn't, and this is shaping up to just be a cold.

Even luckier, while a bit restless and uncomfortable, Ethan is otherwise in good spirits. My husband says this is because he's excited about the Super Bowl. I like to think it's because we can follow my "sick days" rule about staying in our pajamas all day long.

Or maybe it's a little bit of both.

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