when life goes on quicker than you'd like it to

This evening, I'm tackling a chore that I've been putting off for some time. That chore? Boxing up all of Ethan's baby clothes. I'd rather be scrubbing toilets or unloading the dishwasher than facing these ubiquitous reminders that my little baby really isn't that little anymore. As I fill what feels like endless boxes with duckie pajamas and pastel animal onesies, I feel shocked and stunned upon facing the realization that Ethan is growing up so quickly. His closet is emptied of anything smaller than 12 month sizes and the toddler clothes are quickly making their way towards the front of the closet; quicker, undoubtedly, than I could ever imagine.

This is the quickness of life that we hear about as we grow up. "Don't wish your life away," my mother would shout at me during my teenage years through slammed doors and my constant pleas for more freedom, to be older, to want something more than childhood. I understood her point in recent years, when Ethan was born and during all of his milestones so far. One day he will not need me in the way he does now and I wish for time to all but stop, to slow down, to extend his childhood as much as I possibly can. Yet it's a whole new feeling of shock and amazement as I pack up clothing that holds so many memories, that once held my newborn little boy, and place them into boxes because they are no longer needed anymore. Clothing that I picked up after ultrasounds, on the way home from prenatal appointments, online when I could not sleep because Ethan was having a dance party on my bladder at two in the morning. These clothes are no longer relevant, no longer anything but memories and an example of how quickly time can pass by no matter how badly you don't want it to.

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  1. Oh I hear ya sister! However, I am at a point in my life where I feel so torn. I hate having to go through clothes all the time. It seems like an endless rotation, warm clothes, cool clothes, do they fit, do they not fit and round and round. For my oldest it's a chore at times because now she has to try everything on as I set aside the discard pile. But my youngest is still small enough that I know anything that is smaller or larger than a 24month-2t won't fit. I do remember feel so sentimental when I first sorted my daughters clothing. It's a hard realization to come to. Big hugs mama! Ethan may be growing, but there are some amazing roads ahead.

  2. thanks for the reminder. times does pass too quickly. i still think of my boys as babies and they are 3 & 4. and oh so fun. so much to look forward to and lots of memories to be made!

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