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Callie from Bennett Love

Hi there! I'm Callie and blog over at Bennett Love. Hope all you You Are The Roots fans are doing well! Such an honor to be guest posting on Lindsay's wonderful blog. Her thoughts on life and motherhood are so entertaining. And isn't Ethan a cutie?! This is actually my first time guest blogging so I am a little bit on the excited side :)

My husband and I live in the mountains of NC and call a small, yellow farmhouse home. I have been married to my wonderful husband, Joel, for almost 5 years and we are expecting our first child, Abram, towards the end of February. We are beyond thrilled about meeting our son and finally getting to hold him in our arms. I have loved being pregnant! The big, stretchy clothes, the increase in foot and back rubs I get from hubby, the fact that my leg hair has almost stopped growing! (Let's take a moment just to acknowledge how wonderful that is) It's such a miracle what our bodies can do.

So let's chat a bit about crafts! I love making things with my hands and attempting to be creative :) My thoughts are all baby focused lately so I thought I'd share an incredibly simple tutorial with you on a chic teething necklace. All you will need is: some fabric, wooden craft beads and a sewing machine. Easy shmeasy guys! Anyone can do this one!

1. Sew fabric, right sides together, into a tube. Then turn tube right side out.

2. Place wooden beads into tube and knot between each bead. I used about 7-8 beads.

3. Then tie two ends together and voila! A cute necklace that doubles as a teether.

Thank you Lindsay for letting me chitchat. Hope you'll come visit me over here soon!

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