walking for babies.

I know you're all familiar with the March of Dimes. This year, Ethan and I are doing a four mile walk to help the March of Dimes raise funds for research and to help implement programs for babies born sick or premature. Always a noble cause, obviously, but something that I was able to relate to once Ethan came along.

Ethan was born at 36 weeks. It wasn't an easy pregnancy, birth or recovery. Towards the end, I'd see a perinatologist a few times a week and listen as the "viability" of my son's lungs were discussed. It was a stressful time, trying to pass stress tests and remain calm while tests were performed to determine whether or not my son would have to come even earlier. I consider myself lucky that we made it to 36 weeks, but there were still risks. There was still a worry his lungs might not be fully developed and, really, there was no sound more beautiful than his screams the moment he was born.

We were lucky. I gave birth to a healthy baby boy. There are still consequences of Ethan being born a few weeks early, such as all of the trouble we're having with his lungs now after he contracted RSV months ago. I'm aware these few nebulizer treatments a day are minor in comparison to the turmoil that many other families and babies go through when faced with prematurity or infant illness. This is why we're walking, both for Ethan and for the other families and babies out there who need assistance. We want to walk for babies, to bring strength and hope, to save lives.

Care to donate? Click the button below to view our fundraising page. Aren't able to donate? Check out the March of Dimes website and see how you can help or if there is a walk going on near you!

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