hot tot hair care for kids styling gel review

From Ethan's very first haircut on, I haven't kept it a secret how obnoxiously obsessed with his hair that I am. Kid has a lot of hair -- summed up by the fact that he's on almost his twentieth haircut. In case you forgot, he's only newly two. When I found out I was having a boy, I was eagerly anticipating the surfer shag and tousled Ted Mosby styles I could give him and that has pretty much remained high on my priority list. I can't help it. I'm overprotective in general, and totally am admittedly a little bit of a nut when it comes to Ethan's hair. I can deal with frequent haircuts, touch-ups and trims at my hair salon with my hair stylist (the only soul I'd trust with Ethan's beloved hair, of course), but what I can't deal with would be the chemicals in all of the styling products on the market. I never thought that hair styling or using products other than shampoo would be in the cards for us for some time, until Ethan was old enough for me to feel comfortable using them.

Enter Hot Tot.

Hot Tot is a line of organic baby hair and styling products from cleansers, conditioners, detanglers all the way up to serums and styling gels. When I took a peek at the list of ingredients in Hot Tot's styling gel -- which included purified water, organic Japanese green tea extract, Vitamin B-5 -- I was super stoked to receive a bottle to try out on Ethan's hair. When the gel first arrived, I was pleasantly surprised at how not sticky it was. It had a consistency more comparable to that of a conditioner, rather than what you think of when you think hair gel, and that made it much more pleasant to rub on my palms and put on Ethan's hair. It was way thinner and smelled deliciously as opposed to that thick, gunky, gooey hair gel marketed for adults. Once styled, his hair doesn't feel crunchy or sticky. It dries and sets quickly which gives an impatient toddler enough freedom to not have to sit and mind his hair until it dries. (I was worried about him trying to swat my hands away while I styled his hair and therefore ruining it the moment I finished.) From the first day I styled Ethan's hair, it was magic.

In one quick hair style, Ethan went from my sweet baby boy to a total rockstar badass. I cannot even tell you the compliments we received on that one trip to Target from people stopping to admire his hair and his entire toddler attitude. Everyone who turned down our aisle couldn't resist a smile! I thought we were about four compliments away from having to sign autographs as we cleared each aisle. So what I'm saying is, Hot Tot isn't going to help with your toddler's likely enormous ego, but it is going to make them look super dapper.

I like to keep Ethan's hair on the longer side. I'm a total sucker for the surfer shag.

I love that Hot Tot's styling gel is enough to let me keep his shaggy mop and transform him into a neatly styled gentleman. I mean, one little dab of gel and, bam, my baby isn't a baby anymore!

Adorable, right?

A little bit of the styling gel goes a long way, which is a huge plus. I use about a dime size dab of the gel, rub it in my palms and then style Ethan's hair. This is more than enough for some style and to smooth the frizzies and fly-aways that inevitably pop up in this humidity. Even with Ethan's head of hair and our constant usage, I don't see us running out of our styling gel anytime soon. If his hair is totally unruly and I want to use some gel all over to smooth it out, I might use two dime-size dabs, but that's about it. This gel does an amazing job at taming unruly hair in addition to just styling. It manages to take Ethan from messy bedhead to one handsome, put together little dude!

Hot Tot's founder, Megan, is a mama after my own heart. After working as a social worker for many years, she ensures that a portion of all Hot Tot profits go back into charity. It always warms my heart to learn about companies who care about their products, the ingredients in their products and the world in general. She is truly onto a great thing with Hot Tot and Ethan and I, well, we're hooked!

I should point out that all of Hot Tot's products are cruelty free, as well as gluten free and soy free. They're also all made in the USA and are free from parabens, sulfates, synthetic colors, petroleum and all that other yucky stuff that has no business being near our little ones. Check out the list of yucky stuff that Hot Tot just says NO to!

TO BUY: To shop for Hot Tot's styling gel and to browse all of their other fabulous (and safe) items, visit hottot.com. Be sure to visit Hot Tot on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

Ethan received this Hot Tot styling gel to facilitate a product review. No compensation was provided and all opinions expressed are completely my own.


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