the one about swapping postcards

We recently went to a birthday party for our city. Mother Earth gave our city a nice, big thunderstorm as a birthday gift so our time celebrating was cut short (and, to Ethan's dismay, without cake) but it sparked an interest in the city we live in. I thought a geography lesson would be a really fun idea -- tailored to a toddler, of course -- in a few weeks. Then I thought that this lesson had the potential to be really cool -- as in, how cool would it be to send others postcards from our hometown and receive postcards from the hometowns of others in return? And, really, how cool would it be to be able to pinpoint these places on a map as the postcards roll in?!

Out-of-state friends and family have helped tremendously in getting this project started for me, and I would love to swap postcards with others around this big world! If you ask Ethan, sending mail to another kid is a great time and receiving mail is just the icing on the cake he never got at our city's birthday party!

Tot school, preschool, homeschool teachers and parents, or just parents to little ones, Ethan would love to swap hometown postcards with you! Shoot me an e-mail if you're interested!


  1. I tried to do this a few years back and even bought some kansas post cards. now I can't find them! if I do I'll let you know.

  2. you know lindsay...you'd be a perfect homeschool mom...just sayin ;)

  3. There is a group on facebook... 50 State Postcards. We send postcards to other members in states of our choosing and they send one to us from their state all in an effort to collect all 50! You can see the group and join at this link:

  4. I am really excited ot have stumbled upon this! We would love to join, i'll check out the FB page now... thanks!! http://mrlittleman.blogspot.com/

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