absence and apologies

I'm resisting the urge to begin this post with some "hey, remember when I had a blog?" melodrama. But. Seriously. I miss sitting down to write. Life has been a whirlwind lately and I'm doing my best to not stress out when I'm behind on the posts that I've been meaning to get done.

We went out of town this weekend for our good friends baby shower! They are expecting their first child, a little boy, very soon and I'm ridiculously excited for them. Can I brag here about how I'm the one who fixed them up years ago? Because I totally am and I didn't brag nearly enough about it at their wedding. (Okay. I sort of did.)

Anyway, the getaway was nice but also sort of stressful. Ethan is still in the beginning stages of potty training and so the three hour each way road trip (which was more like six hours coming home thanks to some ungodly traffic on the Turnpike) didn't really work in our favor. We had our first carseat pee incident which really opened the floodgates. Literally. After potty training on his own with no accidents for a couple of weeks and waking up dry, Ethan has decided he forgot how to use the potty at all and I have spent the entire day cleaning up urine. I mean, he spent today climbing off the potty and peeing on the floor instead, insisting he doesn't get how the whole process works. Now in between washing loads of the tiniest little boxers anyone did see and sopping up urine off the tile, I'm supposed to figure out how to remedy this potty situation. With it being Halloween week and Ethan super stoked about our event calendar, it feels like punishment to make him stay home completely and miss out on things he's looking forward to, so I'm trying to trim back our social calendar as much as I can without taking things away. I also realized at bedtime that if I celebrate each individual pee the way I did when he was first learning, he is more inclined to actually go in the potty. I'm sure if I psychoanalyze this enough during my late night laundry party, I'll figure something out. (Insert snide remark about how glamorous parenting is.)

Because life isn't quite crazy enough, I decided signing up for something called Hell Week at Orange Theory seemed like a great idea. Today was the first day. It's going to be a long week.

Anyway, I'm sorry for my unintentional and deeply unwanted leave of blogging absence. I have a few posts to finish as soon as I can find both the time and the energy. (Story of a mom's life, right?)


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