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Unless you're new around here and have never met me before, you would know that I'm pretty obsessive with what I let come in contact with Ethan's skin. I'm that mom studying ingredients on the label before I let them touch my child and, hey, no shame in that. After all, companies try to push the envelope and put some scary stuff in these products for the sake of making a buck. The honest truth is that as diligent as I am in choosing safe products for Ethan, I don't exactly do the same for myself. It's just too easy to slack off when you're a busy mom who doesn't really understand the concept of making time for yourself. Living in sunny Florida, I really should pay more attention to my skincare products and so when I received a message from CocoJanell Organics a few weeks ago, I couldn't wait to try out her products.

All of the CocoJanell products come with the ingredients proudly posted on the labels. Every single ingredient is both recognizable and good for you. There are no toxins, fillers or chemicals in these products. After I approved the (rather impressive and all organic) ingredients, I couldn't wait to start trying them all out to see how they worked.

I have to introduce you to my favorite product first.

The Moisture Stick is made up of organic coconut oil, organic shea butter, organic beeswax, Zinc Oxide and organic jojoba oil and, let me tell you, this stuff moisturizes. I actually never really have a problem with skin dryness but recently everyone in our family is getting over some nasty virus that Ethan picked up first. With illness always comes chapped lips and dry, swollen skin around your nose (I call it "tissue face"). Because of the sheer state of misery that my face has been in, I've been living for this moisture stick. It feels absolutely heavenly once you rub it into dry, stressed out skin and you can feel the cooling and healing instantly. It's a little bit like sweet relief in a tube. I've been applying it to Ethan's little "tissued out" face, too, and especially his little cheeks which get dry and red from his nebulizer treatments. After just a couple of uses, the redness on his cheeks completely disappeared and his skin was moisturized and calm again. This stuff works, and I love that you can use it anywhere -- even on your lips, too!

I love that this moisturizing stick also contains zinc oxide which also adds some great skin protection if you put it on before heading out into the sun, too. It rubs in nicely so you don't have to worry about looking slimy before you set out to run errands and the zinc is just an added bonus for protection!

The Lip Balm and Lip Tints are also wonderful. I absolutely love the cooling peppermint oil in these balms! I'm not so much a lipstick fan so I loved the subtle shine of the peppermint balm as well as the subtle color in the lip tints. I got to try the Beachy Pink lip tint which was just the right pop of color for me.

Beachy pink lip balm as so nicely modeled by my mom!

I love that these add color and shine while still moisturizing your lips with all of their great ingredients (I love the addition of avocado and sunflower oils which leave your lips feeling so soft and smooth!).

The Whipped Body Scrub is also awesome! It contains both dead sea salt and sugar for great, gentle exfoliation and it also contains shea butter, jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, lavender oil and coconut oil (all organic) to moisturize your skin in the process and keep it soft. I love the whipped texture of the scrub, too, which helped it go on easily. I've been using it before I get out of the shower and it helps keep my skin feel rejuvenated and fresh!

After the shower, I've been applying the Dream Cream:

The Dream Cream is also whipped in texture and is chock full of great, natural ingredients (including aloe vera and shea butter) that help keep your skin moisturized. It rubs in completely and doesn't leave your skin oily so it's perfect to apply before you set out for the day, too.

What I love about the dream cream is how versatile it is! You can use it as a body lotion (which I've been doing) or as a moisturizer for your face or a cream for your hands as well. It's so gentle that it even makes a great post-sun moisturizing cream for kids, too. I usually like to apply a moisturizing product on Ethan's arms, legs and face after he's finished playing in the sun but this typically means using a couple different products to cover all my basis. It's been nice being able to consolidate all of these products and just being able to use the one dream cream on both of us!

Speaking of sun care, the Tinted Organic Sunblock Stick is awesome! I'm a little bit of a sunscreen freak because, well, it's Florida which means it's always sunny and we're always out baking in the sun. Without a doubt, Ethan is always slathered head to toe in sunscreen but I admittedly shy away from using sunscreen on myself when we're out and about. The completely irrational and superficial reason behind this is that I don't want to look like a ghost with white sunscreen all over my face for the duration of the day. I know. Unacceptable. I get it. But that's what I loved so much about this tinted sunblock stick! It contains zinc oxide (the primary ingredient, as it should be) and also raw cacao powder to help with the tint. It was easily rubbed in and you couldn't even tell I was wearing it! Plus, the organic coconut and sunflower oils helps your skin feel moisturized but not greasy like some sunscreens can leave you feeling. When you wash it off at the end of the way, you don't feel any residue or dryness. I love it! A little bit goes a long way and this sunscreen rubs in nicely. Coco Janell Organics also makes a white sunscreen stick, too. I love the ease of application with the stick and there's no fuss and mess while dealing with a thick cream and a screaming toddler (no? Just me?).

Can you tell which side of my dad's face has the tinted sunscreen applied? Nope, you can't!

All in all, I am loving these Coco Janell Organics products and it's nice to have an organic, natural addition to my own skincare line as well as Ethan's. Word on the street is a natural make-up foundation will also soon make it's way to Coco Janell's Etsy shop -- so you don't want to miss that!

HOW TO SHOP: To shop these products and more (yes, there are even more great products available!), check out CocoJanell Organics on Etsy!

HOW TO WIN: CocoJanell Organics have graciously offered one of my readers the chance to win a lip balm set (one balm, one lip tint) of their very own! You're going to love these products! This giveaway is open to US residents.

Good luck! a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  1. I try to be very diligent when buying products, checking labels for sneeky crap they throw in there. So I definitely respect that you do the same and am interested in what these products have to offer! That little cheek is so cute!


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