random acts of kindness

My friend Rebecca inspired me to begin doing some Random Acts of Kindness in Wylie's name. I thought this would be a wonderful way to remember her and keep her name out there, to keep her legacy alive. I've sort of been insistent that her baby book will still get filled out even though she's not here to meet the pre-printed milestones, that her belongings and things will still be collected over time. This seemed like a perfect way to do that and as I dispersed little $5 Starbucks gift cards around the city today, I held on to some hope that some people will pop up and let me know where Wylie's Random Acts of Kindness have been received (and that they, too, paid it forward in Wylie's name).

I set up wyliesactsofkindness.com for people to print out these cards if they would like to do some random acts of kindness in Wylie's name and I also started up the hashtag #wyliesactsofkindness. I'm hoping that as the weeks go on, maybe more posts start to pop up. Maybe I can see some of the different acts of kindness and places where Wylie's name has been.


  1. Wow! What an amazing idea. So sweet & full of love. :) I'm sure there were so many blessed today.

  2. What a beautiful gesture and one of many gestures I'm sure you will do on behalf of Wylie. Her baby book should and will be filled out. <3 You are so beautiful inside and out!


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