farm visit

We went on a quick trip up to Central Florida this past weekend for a baby shower. Before our drive home, we made a pit stop at this little farm that we've been visiting every year at around this time. Visiting a farm is one of those things you have to do when you're from the suburbs of South Florida and so it's one of those things we seek out whenever we make the trek up north a few hours. We were limited on time this trip so I promised Ethan we could visit again around Thanksgiving time. I imagine then the weather will be chilly and right now I long for that, some official promise that summer is over.

A few pictures from our visit:


  1. Wow this farm is awesome and so beneficial to children. I've only ever seen animals at the zoo where the farm petting zoo area is but it's nothing like this. There aren't really many farms where I live as it's cold most of the year. I can't wait until we live in FL in a few years to take part in so many new outside activities!

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