because october means it's halloween all month long

I absolutely love Halloween. It's my favorite holiday. It always has been my favorite but since having Ethan, I've come to love it a million times over. The pumpkins arrived last weekend to one of our local pumpkin patches (how Floridian-sounding is that?) and I've been so eager to take Ethan since the photos started rolling in on social media. Today will just be one of the many times we visit the pumpkin patch in costume this month but the first visit of the season is always the most exciting.

Ethan didn't really have many memories about last year's Halloween (which surprised me considering the kid was obsessed with Halloween last year) so everything was still so new and exciting to him this year. He and I came up with his costume when we were in Orlando recently at Universal Studios and it's all he's been talking about lately. I was trying to keep it a surprise even though he insisted upon telling everyone about what he was going to be for Halloween this year. He totally rocked it, as usual!

Of course, what better time for me to recap the cuteness that were Ethan's costumes from the past few years, am I right?

The Fonz, 2011

Risky Business, 2012

Billie Joe Armstrong, 2013

It's so hard to believe this is already Ethan's fourth Halloween! Without further ado, I should introduce his 2014 costume (even though I couldn't resist already sharing it over on Instagram because, well, that's what I do best).

Elliott & ET, 2014

It wound up being a super hot day even though the morning started off surprisingly cool (curse you, Florida!) and the pumpkin patch was completely packed, but we got there early enough where Ethan was able to have a ton of fun exploring all of the fall activities and admiring the pumpkins.

(I haven't stopped complaining about the fact this is the one and only family photo we got from today! At least ET looks good!)

We stopped for brunch on the way home from the pumpkin patch and Ethan wouldn't touch a bite of his food, so I panicked he would be unbelievably sick by this afternoon. A mother's intuition is always right and my little Elliott went to sleep a sneezing, glass-eyed snot factory. Thanks for nothing, cold and flu season. Still, we'll take this week off to craft and prepare for all of the Halloween festivities that are about to begin -- and, trust me, there will be many.

It's the most wonderful time of the year, after all!


  1. You are my Halloween costume inspiration!!!!! You have had so many great costumes for him. I feel ya on the family picture complaints. We hardly ever make family pictures a point and then I complain later. Seriously, what the heck!?


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