all these broken pieces fit together to make a perfect picture of us

Following our morning Starbucks date with Grandpa George (my dad), Ethan and I set off to the mall to do some exercising alongside the elderly and other stroller-pushing moms. I was afraid that the mall prior to the stores opening would be an eerie place but instead it was a clean, cool place filled with people who used it as a place to do some power walking indoors.

Ethan and I power walked from 8:45 a.m. until about 9:50 a.m. Rather, I sweated myself into oblivion and cursed myself for not owning any actual real shoes while I pushed a peaceful, sleeping Ethan around in his stroller! Ten minutes before the mall opened, Ethan became hungry and so we sat inside a photo booth to give us a place to sit and calmly enjoy his bottle. I'm a sucker for photobooths (after all, having one at our wedding was one of my must haves) and thought the time was good as ever for Ethan to have his first set of photobooth photos taken! I mean, I was stinky, sweaty, greasy and wearing stained old clothing so I started to think maybe there would be a better time but he looked cute as ever in his alligator polo-style onesie and, well, I'm a sucker for photobooths. Did I mention that yet?

As soon as the lady started talking (in Spanish, because we definitely hit the wrong button), Ethan started wailing. That wailing managed to get captured in our first photo on the strip. After the flash went off the first time, he slowly became intrigued by this bright, flashy, loud box we were sitting in. Ethan worked on his bottle while we waited for the booth to spit out our pictures and a fellow mall-walking woman helping her toddler climb up onto the Thomas the Train ride stared at me with a questionable gaze as I couldn't stifle my laughter once the photos popped out of the slot. My husband hung our photo strip up on our refrigerator and I'm guilty of not being able to control my laughter whenever I look at it. That's one for the baby book.

Once the mall opened, we did some slowed-down strolling for another half an hour. Ethan got a bit hungry again so I parked the stroller by the fish tank so he could finish off his bottle.

I'm pretty sure we nailed it when we chose an ocean theme for Ethan's nursery because he was mesmerized by those fish. For ten minutes after his bottle was emptied, he sat there watching them swim around in amazement.

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  1. the photo booth pictures are CUTE (and you can't even tell you're all sweaty)!

    A great indoor free fish tank is at Outdoor World (they have a wonderful Santa in the Holidays with virtually no line and you can take as many different pictures with whoever you want separately, too). We haven't gone in a while but my kids always loved going there just to look at the huge fish tank (our sole purpose for being in the building was the fish tank).


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