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After the sweet long weekend, the time came for my husband to return back to work this morning. These days are not only hard on Ethan and I but hard on my husband as well, which is made obvious by the way he lays down to play with Ethan in the mornings inevitably resulting in a mad dash out the door at eight o'clock.

I fell in love with my husband a long time ago but when I see the way he stares at Ethan in complete amazement and overcome with wonder and love, I fall in love with him a little bit more. Ethan gazes back at his daddy with the same look of wonder and amazement painted on his little face and I feel infinitely lucky to have both of them as a part of my world.

To soften the blow of the ending of a taunting long weekend, Ethan and I sneaked a surprise into his daddy's lunch in the form of an Almond Joy bar. We plant these surprises into his lunch bag on days when leaving the house are particularly torturous and they're often accompanied by some silly little note to the tune of "a special treat for a special daddy." Today's surprise was attached to a more simply stated "thank you for spending such a fun weekend with me" and signed, of course, from Ethan. We received a text message at lunch time saying that Ethan is awfully good at hiding his lunchtime surprises in the house. He'll never give up his hiding spot!

Nothing felt particularly laborious about our Labor Day weekend. The hot, sticky summer days were spent seeking shelter inside and spending valuable family time together. We ventured out on Labor Day to the outlet stores where we left with a bag full of clothes for Ethan and the fulfillment that comes with getting out and getting some exercise without trudging along drenched in sweat and basking in the threat of sunstroke.


  1. omg! He is just too cute! And your lucky to have such a wonderful father for your son! :)

    Hi, Im a new follower from the Blog Hop, loving the blog! I would love to invite you to follow me, J'S REVIEWS AND GIVEAWAYS
    Thanks so much! have a great day!

  2. I feel the same way about Jim... I love your comment about how you fell in love with Aaron a long time ago, but this love is so different. There is nothing like seeing your husband and your baby.

    I love to hide notes in Jim's bag for work. Last week, he returned the favor with three "I love you" post-its in the house: the fridge, the computer, and my phone. It was so sweet. We put those notes in his bag all the time -- but I need to use your idea of a little treat, too!


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