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We're ringing in Ethan's third month with a mighty unpleasant touch of Thrush and his little cheeks aren't the only things that are all flustered around here. Here's a confession to let you into our current mental states around this house: I definitely took these photos yesterday morning. In fact, I celebrated Ethan's third month for most of the day yesterday until I suddenly realized that it was only the 21st. We are not in a good place this week and I may or may not have kissed the bottle of Nystatin and opened it with the prayer that it is able to cure the anguish my little lovebug is currently experiencing. It's the same prayer I plan on saying to my bottle of anti-stress bubblebath that I'm looking forward to enjoying when my husband ever gets home from work to be on baby duty.

I also feel I can finally relate to the old adage I grew up with my mom saying to me as she laid next to me, stroking my hair while I sobbed and truly believed I'd never recover from whatever adolescent bout of heartbreak I was currently experiencing. You know, the old "however much you hurt, I hurt more" or the "when your children hurt, you hurt more" variety. Watching Ethan tug at his mouth and pull at the tiny curd-like blisters in his mouth has been so excruciating that I'm pretty sure I spent more of today crying than he did. And, trust me, he cried a lot.

Ethan is weighing in at 14 pounds, 12 ounces. He's wearing size two diapers and a size 6-9 months in clothes. Though it's been a little iffy during this whole Thrush thing, he's more or less sleeping through the night from 9:00 in the evening until 5:00 in the morning. I've been desperately trying to get him to take even a couple of ounces throughout this Thrush thing but prior to this starting, he's been eating 7-8 ounces every 4-5 hours. He loves music and loves to dance with me in the afternoons. He's started to enjoy swinging in his swing but mostly likes to stare at the animals spinning around on the accompanying mobile.

It's so hard to believe how quickly my baby is growing (and growing and growing and growing) but I am eternally lucky for every last moment of the past three months and all of the moments to come.

And a shameless plug (cut us a break because we are in need of one around here): as you may remember, Ethan was selected as one of ten finalists in Munchkin's nationwide Munchkin Bunch competition! The voting can be done five times (in a row) per day and ends on October 1st. We'd be forever grateful for your votes! Click on his photo below to visit the Munchkin Bunch's Facebook page to cast your votes!


  1. Oh my he is too cute!! My daughter had thrush when she was 4 months old so I feel you, very unpleasant =( New follower from the Blog til you drop hop! I look forward to reading your blog =)


    Ps Your cutie has my vote!

  2. Holy cow! Your 3 month old is as big as my 5 month old. Elliott is somewhere around 14lbs but is wearing size 3 diapers and wearing 3-6 month clothes. lol Way to grow Ethan!

    Is thrush common in bottle-feeding? I know I've heard of it with breast-feeding but never bottle feeding.

  3. @Anjie: Yes! He has his father's genes...my husband is 6'4" and I have a sneaky feeling Ethan will be catching up to him in what feels like no time!

    I'd only heard of it in regards to breastfeeding, too, but apparently it can happen due to the bottle nipples or even a pacifier. It's terrible, that's for sure!

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  7. I'm a new follower, too - LOVE your pictures! I'm taking monthly (weekly at first, but now monthly) pictures of my baby boy too. It's freaky seeing how much he's grown.

  8. How is he three months old already?! What a total sweetheart. You've got an amazing little boy on your hands :o) How crazy that he's in 6-9 month clothes already. They get so big, so fast!

    I really hope Ethan can pull a win. I've been voting everyday (on my account and Jim's!).


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