Munchkin Bunch Superstar!

If you're a mom, you're undoubtedly familiar with Munchkin! Recently, Munchkin started a contest for "The Munchkin Bunch." Over 3,500 babies entered and ten finalists were chosen.

I nearly jumped out of my seat in unmatchable excitement when I saw a familiar face on that list of ten finalists:

My Ethan made the top 10 finalists! In October, five winners with the top votes are selected to be a part of Munchkin's "Munchkin Bunch!"

We would love and appreciate for your votes beyond belief! All you need is to be on Facebook and logged in to vote...which you can do five times per day!

Here's how:
1. Like Munchkin, Inc. on Facebook.
2. Click the "LIKE" button to "like" Munchkin's page.
3. Click the Munchkin Bunch Voting tab on the left hand side.
4. Click Ethan's picture!
5. Once you click his picture, a pop-up comes up with his picture again and a VOTE button. Click the vote button five times to cast your five votes for the day!

Thank you from the bottom of Ethan's ever-so-precious heart (and my ever-so-proud one, too)!


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  2. I hope you win! You have my vote!
    Connie G

  3. Yay Ethan! I love that when you took the picture, only 35 votes had been cast. He has plenty more now!! :-)


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