Kid Music Personalized Children's Music CD Review

Seeing as how Ethan went through a period of time when he’d only sleep in the car and now refuses to nap without music playing in the background (a trait he undoubtedly inherited from me), we put a lot of stock into music and CD’s. If it’s something you’re going to be listening to over and over (and over) again, it needs to be something that remains as fun and interesting the fifteenth time around as the first. When we got the opportunity to review a personalized children’s music CD by Kid Music, I was super excited to try it out! Kid Music sent us their "Friendly Songs Collection" CD with all of the songs personalized with Ethan’s name. I loved this CD for so many reasons!

Every morning when Ethan wakes up, we sing good morning songs and do some stretches. The first song on the CD, appropriately titled "Wake Up", is the perfect soundtrack to our early morning exercises. The song begins with a cheerful, "wake up, Ethan, it’s time to play!" and continues into an equally upbeat, happy song that is the perfect song to begin the day with. This is one of those CD’s that you can listen to from morning to evening as it closes with a "Goodnight" lullaby that tranquilly reassures Ethan (by name!) that it's time to go to sleep.

The songs in between are a medley of heartwarming ("No One Else Like You"), educational ("The ABC Song") and silly ("The Dinosaur Shuffle"). They are perfect songs to sing along with in the car or while dancing around the living room. In addition to the great and catchy songs that you’ll be singing along to in no time, I really appreciated the great quality of this CD. Ethan's name wasn’t just mentioned once or twice, but constantly from beginning to end. If his name wasn’t popping up mid-verse, a cheerful narrator was chiming in with an "Ethan, are you ready to sing?" or another friendly tie-in to keep him entertained in the music. While he’s a little young to appreciate it as much as I do right now, I know hearing his name appear on his music CD will excite him so much when he's older. The CD label itself is cheerfully decorated and personalized to my Ethan. If you wanted to give one as a gift, Kid Music will even include a free personalized note on the CD label so your little one will always remember the occasion or who it's from.

Kid Music offers a slew of personalized children’s music CD’s so your collection doesn’t have to stop at just one. In fact, they offer personalized music for seemingly every occasion from birthdays to holidays and everything in between. There is a huge selection of lullabies, religious songs, party songs and more to choose from -- even songs about using your imagination! What’s also pretty cool about Kid Music is that in addition to simply getting your music on a CD, they offer teddy bears that play full length songs, too! It’s a cute gift idea or something comforting for baby to cuddle with on a long car ride or at naptime.

And don’t worry if your child doesn’t have a fairly common name like my Ethan as Kid Music has over 11,000 names to choose from. What I thought was pretty cool was that if your child's name isn't readily available, Kid Music will record custom names for any of their albums in just a few business days. No one has to be left out due to having a unique name!

I also learned something else about Kid Music and that is that they are always thinking of us moms! While lots of women sell cosmetics or other items in their spare time as a side-job, Kid Music offers moms the opportunity to sell personalized music CD’s (and the aforementioned teddy bears, too!) at a 50-75% profit margin. I’d admittedly be way more willing to attend a fun children's music party over a Tupperware party any day! They offer moms an assortment of start-up packages to choose from to get their own little music side business started!

All in all, Ethan and I are definitely impressed by Kid Music and hope to acquire more of their personalized music CD’s in the future! Here’s how you can learn more about Kid Music, order some personalized CD’s for your child or learn more about their “for mom” music business:

TO BUY: Visit Kid Music's website or check out their Facebook page!

For more information on the wholesale business, visit Friendly Songs, the sister company to Kid Music!


  1. have you ever heard the Elizabeth Mitchell kids albums? SO GOOD. olivia has loved them since she came into the world and now will does too :) i think there are around 4 of them but the link i'm showing you is our favorite!


  2. Sounds like a great CD! It's nice to have things that are just for your little one -- and having them hear their name in the song makes them love music even more :o)

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