and the days all float by in a daze, over waves, under sky.

These past few days have been a bit of a blur. A blur in which multiple breathing treatments have somehow weaseled themselves into our lives again. Talk about the gift that keeps on giving. Thanks, RSV. It's not like he had you back in November or anything.

With the doctors predicting all of Ethan's colds will result in a wheezing, rattling, nebulizer-needing nightmare until he's two or three years old, I'm trying my best to mask my devastation each time I clip the tubing into the mask and watch Ethan scream in horror at the very sight of it.

We spent yesterday at the beach. It's something Ethan gives into easier than saline swabs or sprays being shot into his nose. Not to mention the salty air is way more effective than a nasal aspirator. We rented a cabana and had a picnic. Ethan was perfectly content lounging on his cabana chair, munching on a teething biscuit and drinking from his straw cup. (Did I mention we're done with sippy cups and have moved onto straw cups? Did I mention it's just another reminder that my baby is no longer such a baby? Goodness.)

Before we left, we sat in the sand, let the water hit our toes and laughed at the seagulls swarming us after Ethan accidentally spilled his puffs in the sand. Ethan was completely covered in snot by the time we were set to leave which meant the trip served it's purpose -- but the slurry of snot and sand was not the most pleasant mess to clean up. Just take my word for it. Really.

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  1. Awww. So sorry to hear he got RSV. I'm glad you guys had a good day, though. I'm so jealous of your ocean air.

  2. Sorry your sweet Ethan has to go through this. Tough trying to help him when he is scared or hurting too. Hugs to you both!

  3. Nice day to be out that day huh? Good thing the sea breeze helps. Hugs to your little one!

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