love at the lake

Yesterday was the bridal shower I threw for one of my best friends, Ashley. I threw the party up here at my family's lake house and have been admittedly a huge stress case worrying that something wouldn't go right or a bear would come out of the woods and eat all of the food minutes before the guests arrived. (Hey, we don't have to worry about bears at home -- it's a legitimate concern up here, apparently!) As per usual, none of my worries were at all justified and the shower went off without a hitch. Or a bear.

In the end, it was a beautiful day on the lake celebrating two of the most wonderful people we know as they approach their much anticipated wedding day! All of the love and food and cake (that everyone sweetly insisted they couldn't tell was crooked!) tired Ethan out. He sure slept soundly -- and for almost three hours -- as the party came to a close!

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  1. That food looks delicious. It looks like it was an amazing shower.

  2. What a beautiful party! I am glad things went well for you all.


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