and make the fireflies dance

This week, we are on somewhat of a vacation up at my family's lake house. I needed to be up this way, four hours from home, for my good friend's bridal shower that I am throwing. It so happened that my teenage sister was on spring break this week and so a quick weekend trip morphed into an extended week up in the hidden hills of Central Florida with my parents -- Ethan's grandparents -- and my sister. Family time. My husband wasn't so lucky to stumble upon some type of reprieve and still has to finish the week at work before he's able to join us up this way on the weekend. Luckily for both him and Ethan, Skype exists and provides an opportunity for Ethan to still see his beloved dada, dada, dada and tell him goodnight.

This week, this is our view out of one of many bedroom windows on the second floor of the lake house. We wake up to the sweet song of cardinals and fall asleep to the slightly comical mating call of frogs lurking out in the brush. Here, fireflies are still able to perform their nightly light show amongst the darkened woods; crickets chirp, armadillos scurry to the home they've built underneath our dock.

Here, we wake up to fresh air and the call of waterbirds on the lake as opposed to the obnoxious beep, beep of the neighbor's car alarm activating. Here, all you can see for miles would be the vast lake and the ripples of water out on the horizon as opposed to the zero-lot lines of the suburbs at home. Here, you talk a little slower and move a little slower and eat breakfast at noon after you return home from a thirty-five minute drive -- each way -- for coffee from the nearest coffee shop.

Here, we spend hours sitting underneath the covered end of the dock and watching the water furrow in the wind. With Ethan, we wave hello and goodbye to boats that pass by and watch the curious look on his face when one of the approaching boaters is his grandpa. Ethan sits snuggled up in my mother's arms, enjoying the uninterrupted cuddle time with his grandma, soaking up the complacency and quiet time that wouldn't exist back home where life doesn't have a pause button, where quiet time is as foreign a concept as organic is here, met with confusion and blank stares, a word simply unable to be comprehended.

There is simply no place like home. I am a go, go, go girl at heart, giving in quite happily to the cutthroat chaos of the South Florida suburbs. But for right now? For right now, I'm content with enjoying the temporary tranquility and the fact that all we have to do is watch the hawks carry reeds and twigs back to their nests.

Don't tell my father I'm in agreement with him but there is definitely something about the fresh, country air that floods through your lungs and makes you sleep so soundly and dream so deeply.

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  1. beautifully written, lindsey! i'm curious about where this is. it looks like some of the areas around here! i love the slower pace, the lakes, the soft breeze and quiet....it's definitely city life as well, but places like this are not hard to come by around here :) which is what i have always loved about living here!

    love this post!

    1. We're in Howey-in-the-Hills in Lake county! The most well-known city around here would be Mt. Dora, and it's about 35 minutes away! We're literally in the middle of nowhere, haha!

  2. I love the outdoors!

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