and so he goes.

Can we talk about Ethan's hair for a minute? Little curls are beginning to form. After each bath, as his hair dries, there seem to be more tiny golden spirals taking over his head. I assumed curls would be inevitable, but I definitely wasn't prepared for just how quickly the thin, flimsy baby hair would be gone. It's as if he's constantly losing pieces of baby and replacing them with big boy characteristics.

I know it oftentimes feels as if things change overnight but in this case, they really have changed overnight. Yesterday Ethan decided it was time to crawl and took off across our living room area rug in the pursuit of my Blackberry. For the rest of the day yesterday and most of this morning, he didn't understand that he possessed the ability to crawl towards things other than my Blackberry -- which soon became a prop to slide across the carpet while shooting videos to send to our friends and relatives to show off Ethan's latest skill.

While I attempted to process the fact that my squishy little newborn (just humor me, okay?) is somehow crawling, he sprung a new one on us. This afternoon, out of the blue, he looked up at my husband and declared him to be "DADA!" I quickly wrote it off as sheer coincidence while my husband gloated around the house. By the fiftieth "DADA!" while looking for or up at my husband, we both knew it was no coincidence. At this point, my husband is "DADA!" and our cats are "YAAAAH!" and I am the visibly annoyed grunt when I do such exasperating mommy things like yank one of my dirty shoes out of his mouth. That's about right.

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  1. Go Ethan for doing so many new things! {all at once may I add!} That is so awesome and it's so great to see your baby learn and grow. I love that he crawled to your blackberry, thats so funny! his hair is so adorable, love those curls.


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