the attack of the stuff.

I was given free passes for the Just Between Friends consignment event that was going on here in town, so this afternoon I met my mom at the city gymnasium where it was being held to do some browsing.

I'm not sure who we were kidding. We don't know how to just browse. This is mostly a problem because this Sunday we're having a garage sale to get rid of all of the clutter and chaos attacking our living room and so, really, I probably had no business bringing more stuff into the house.

But the little black Combi hot-rod was so cute and Ethan just loved it. We won't mention the other gigantic additions to our household that we brought home with us. Besides, I'm just filling up the space that I'll be emptying on Sunday at our garage sale.


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  1. I love the just between friends sales here! They are amazing. Ours are in May and I cannot wait!

  2. That car looks like so much fun!!


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