curse you, sleep regression.

Last night, just as my husband and I decided to turn in, the sound of overtired whining started to play through our baby monitor. Looking at the video screen, I watched as Ethan rolled around, sat up, tried to scale the bumpers that I finally caved and put in after having to butter his arms out of the crib bars seven different times and then tried to monkey crawl around the perimeter of the crib. Scout started singing If You're Happy And You Know It and for a while he was -- happy, that is -- contentedly playing with his toys until a few minutes after midnight. Then came the crying which quickly bred hysteria. Fast forward until four in the morning which is when I was just settling down to sleep for the first time that night.

I'd like to say this was an isolated incident but lately it's become the norm. That dreaded 8-9 month sleep regression you read horror stories about? The one downfall to all of the astounding developmental progress your baby is making at this incredible age? Yeah. We have it. We have it bad.

The first few days I was mostly just thankful for naps.

Of course, Ethan has now moved on to trying his hardest to keep naps at bay as he does his nighttime sleeping but eventually he caves. Eventually there are no more toys to be played with and he can't physically pry his tired, heavy eyes open any longer. There's kicking, screaming, an attempt to creep his way out of bed or off the couch and play some more -- and then defeat. A sweet baby sigh, a roll over onto his side and he's out. I mean, he's out for a sliver of what a normal nap would entail, but that's the thing about sleep regressions: you get desperate. And in that desperation, I've learned how to sip a cup of coffee, read a chapter or two and somewhat relax myself in that half an hour window. Mostly I dream of Starbucks. And sleep.

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  1. Sleep regressions are SO HARD. I feel your pain! Luckily, they DO go away so you will be sane and alert again some day :o)

    Hang in there!!

  2. Oh man that stinks! Hope that things get better for you soon!!!

  3. Noah is going through a sleep regression, too! Once upon a time he used to take regular 1-1.5 hour naps, and now we're just lucky if he gets 45 minutes in. Now that he can do things like stand up in his crib, he's much more able to keep himself awake (and miserable) for a long time. However, it sounds like you and Ethan are haveing a much harder time of it! I hope your little guy starts sleeping better soon!


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