snow dough

While this snow dough isn't actually cold, it was fun to pretend that it was and we were really building snowmen outside instead of trying just to stand the brutal Florida heat!

This fun dough only requires two ingredients -- cornstarch and shaving cream. I'd definitely recommend a white shaving cream rather than a colored gel. We picked ours up at the dollar store a few months ago for another project and it definitely comes in handy on these hot afternoons! I don't have any exact measurements. I had about 1/4 box of cornstarch left on hand and kept adding shaving cream until I liked the consistency. I kept adding the shaving cream until the texture felt dough-y and moldable after kneading. There was definitely more shaving cream used than cornstarch.

Our snowman!

Ethan is completely and utterly in love with moon sand and I had initially thought this snow dough would end up pretty similar. I was way off. It was a completely different texture and really cool to squish around in your fingers. Ethan loved that it was durable enough for him to practice making balls and helping to create our snowman! It also keeps really well in a ziplock bag for later use!


  1. Too fun!! Hope my girls enjoy this as well! Thanks for sharing! Pinning! :)

  2. How fun, and I love that you can ziplock it and save it for later!!

    Thanks for linking up to the Super Sunday Sync.

  3. Awesome. I just posted about cloud dough and then saw this in my blog feed! Kale is definitely going to want to try this out.

  4. This looks like incredible sensory fun! Both of my kiddos would love this. Thanks, as always, for sharing so much of what you do with him. xx

  5. This is awesome. We are going to have to try this! I just posted today about oobleck and that was a ton of fun too!

  6. Did he try to eat it at all? I want to try something like this with AJ but I'm afraid he will try to eat it!


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