Ethan's First Actual Laugh!

We've gotten smiles for some time now, but tonight Ethan let out his first actual burst of laughter! And he kept on giggling and laughing long enough for me to grab my cell phone which was -- thank god -- on the table right in front of me!

I was simply whispering to him that we had to finish his bottle without making too much noise so his grandma didn't come out and yell at me. (We're spending the evening at my parents house.) I guess he found the prospect of his grandma yelling at me pretty funny because the laughs just wouldn't stop!

This totally made my week. I think I'm too giddy to get any sleep tonight!


  1. I am a new follower from the Monday hop...is there anything cuter than a giggling baby??? Nope, don't think so, just adorable! Hope you will visit:

  2. Cute smile! ^_^

    Following you at GFC using "Mommy Rubz" thru Monday Monkey Blog Hop.

    Visiting from Proud Mommy of Three.

    Have a great week ahead! ^_^

  3. so cute!!! and look at all that hair! :)

  4. Oh how precious! What a little cutie. Baby smiles are the best, thanks for sharing.
    I'm now following your blog. I'm stopping by to say hi from the Monday Monkey Hop, come by if you get the chance! :)

  5. Found you on the Monday Monkey, love the layout! New Subscriber! http://tidbitzearthlydelights.blogspot.com

  6. So sweet! I found you from Picket Fences. Can't wait to see more.

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