What's In YOUR Diaper Bag?

A friend of mine posted the contents of her diaper bag on her blog and I instantly loved the idea. I've always preferred carrying tote bags to purses because I always feel like I have so much stuff to carry around so I was really excited about finally getting to tote a diaper bag around!

Ready to take a peek inside?!

The contents, spread out on the table!

Because I admittedly love looking into the bags of others or seeing what they tote around with them, here's an up-close look at the contents of my diaper bag.

My "mommy stuff" now consists of an EOS lip balm, my cell phone and my wallet. Bare essentials these days!

Three burp cloths and three bibs!

Two spare outfits! Ethan's reflux is pretty well-managed now (thank you, Gelmix!) but if he pukes...oh, it's messy. Two spare outfits are a must!

Ethan's Alimentum, Gelmix travel packets and a spare Dr. Brown's bottle.

We love California Baby! They make our diaper cream and Calendula cream! Also seen here are Little Tummy's gas drops, vaseline and a nasal aspirator we...um...lovingly borrowed from our hospital.

It's Florida, it's hot, it's muggy, it's summertime, I'm neurotic. These are our Natrapel all-natural, baby-safe mosquito repellent wipes. On the same vein, this is our all-natural insect bite spray. Fingers crossed we never actually have to use these things!

Soothies are a must! Ethan and I are champions at losing them, so there are never less than three in our "paci pouch."

Our changing pad, a stack of Seventh Generation diapers and a package of Seventh Generation wipes. By the way, these size one diapers need to replaced with size twos! That's right, my little boy has moved up to the world of size two diapers! He's growing so quickly!

Boogie Wipes and BabyGanics alcohol-free hand sanitizing wipes.

Reading is power! We never leave the house without books!

And, finally, a blankie!

As I mentioned, I love seeing the contents of other people's bags! What's in YOUR diaper bag?!


  1. I have the same mutual friend that did this in her blog! I actually belong to a community on LJ In_My_Purse. Awesome to see what people are packing! :)

    I know about the paci's thing. Morgan and I we're always losing them! I always made sure I had spare ones at home, in the car and the diaper bag!

    I totally didn't know they made insect wipes safe for babies! Thats so awesome to know :)

  2. Packing for even a half-hour outing is no joke! Haha! Babies need lots of accessories!

    Luckily now, my bag is a little lighter and I can actually get away with just a diaper for each kid and a few wipes in my small purse. I can fit Abby's cup in there and Logan carries his own :o)

    I can very vividly remember the days of formula, bottled water, diapers, diaper rash cream, extra outfits, pacifiers (even though neither of my kids liked them...just in case!), and Boogie Wipes! You should do a diaper bag post every few months -- you'll be amazed how fast your "stash" changes!

  3. so i carried around a giant diaper bag (with pretty much all that same stuff minus the bottle!) when i had olivia. when i had willow i downsized to a Banana Republic leather tote. i LOVE it. the only thing i carry around are diapers, wipes, a jar or two of baby food, my nursing cover, my wallet & my cell phone. it was a happy day when olivia was out of diapers and i could quit dragging around two sets in two sizes!!

    i love reading your blog. it reminds me of the excitement and newness of having that first baby :) a second one is just as exciting...but there is just something about that first one and all the learning curves you experience as a couple and a new little family.

  4. My daughter has been having some reflux issues and I just ordered the samples of gelmix (had never even heard of it before reading your blog and then asking her ped) to try it out and see if it works for us! I put your blog name in the, "where did you hear about us," section. Hope you don't mind!

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