mordecai & malachi

This morning I excitedly took Ethan over to the pet store to look at the fish. I figured he'd get a kick out of looking up at the great wall of fish tanks filled with lights, vibrant colors and tons of different fish swimming around. It was an indoor and air-conditioned alternative to a zoo or aquarium which isn't happening during these brutal Florida afternoons. He was awake and happy until we pulled into the parking lot which is when he, of course, began his only nap of the day. It began to rain while we were inside so I pushed my slumbering baby in his stroller up and down each aisle to wait out the rain and in hopes he'd wake up to check out the fish. The cacophonous birds startled him a few times but he never woke up. It was still raining. The cashiers were bored and constantly asking us if we needed help. Unless they could miraculously make my infant son interested in the fish or make the rain stop, we didn't.

I passed by the hermit crabs and stopped to admire them for a bit. Hermit crabs are some of my favorite animals and ones I've always had as pets since I was a little girl. After my last hermit crabs passed away when I was halfway through college, I needed to give my heart a bit of a rest. I looked down at sleeping Ethan and thought it was about time he had his first pair of hermit crabs. Before I knew it, we were stocking up on tank substrate, a thermometer, an under the tank warmer, some spare shells and other crab necessities. I saw two itty-bitty little hermit crabs mixed in with a tank of larger crabs. Those were them. Those were Ethan's new hermit crabs.

We named them Malachi and Mordecai.

With Ethan in the Ergo (he woke up the second we pulled into our neighborhood, of course), we assembled their habitat. We laid down the substrate and misted it with water to hold in the humidity. We turned on the tank warmer. We laid some blue sand one one side of the cage for an "ocean" affect. We set up a freshwater drinking pond and a saltwater bathing pool. We shredded up some fresh lettuce for Malachi and Mordecai to eat. Mordecai is a bit shy. He likes the lettuce and the saltwater bathing pool but doesn't so much fancy being held. Malachi is much more adventurous. He is loving exploring his new digs.

I'm not sure why I decided to be masochistic enough to bring in two new lives into the picture as that's probably not what most moms to infants would do. But if it means snuggling up with Ethan and reading A House For Hermit Crab at bedtime, then it's worth every second of it.

Welcome to the madhouse, Mordecai and Malachi.


  1. i loved you already obviously but this makes me love you so much more hahaha this whole thing is just so hilarious and wonderful and so YOU

  2. Aww, Ethan's first new pets! Hermit crabs are so mysterious and cute. I love their matchy names :-)

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