well, we made it.

We made it through my very first week in my new role as a stay at home mom. Not that in order to survive this week I made any frantic phone calls to my mom begging her to come over now because "I NEED HELP!" as Ethan shrieked in the background. Nope. Not at all. Not even once. In fact, I don't even know where I dreamed up that scenario. (Ahem.)

I briefly touched on this in a previous post, but there is no lingering or dwelling in motherhood. I've learned this lesson surprisingly quick. If there is a particularly difficult day that renders me covered in spit-up, swollen eyes and a house that looks like it's in the beginning stages of preparation for Hoarders, I know that it ends once we're asleep and a brand new day (and thus a clean slate!) begin in the morning. I've also learned why so many new mothers complain about never getting to shower or wash their hair, but that's another story and no one wants to hear the descriptions about how out of control my body odor was getting until I gave in and showered at my parents house this afternoon. (Though the positive to this -- because I'm all about finding the positives in less than stellar situations these days -- is that an ordinary shower feels like a luxury spa retreat. A lather with a Garnier Fructis shampoo and, whoa, do I know relaxation or what!)

Ethan and I have bonded immensely this past week. I've learned how to pee while wearing him in the Ergo and he's learned that if he's just persistent enough where he can play on my impending sleep-deprived lunacy, I'll let him nap in bed with me. We can read one another like a book and I love it. I love watching him grow and develop into this little person where he once was a squishy cherubic infant. Perhaps my favorite part of this week has been watching his eyesight develop and how well he can now focus on things.

We've been "reading" his high-contrast, black and white picture books for some time and he's always stared at the pages with an inquisitive stare, but these days he's really focusing. He's making eye contact with me, watching the cats play and noticing artwork or photographs displayed on the walls when we're undoubtedly pacing the halls in the Ergo. (If you haven't caught on, he pretty much wants to pack up all his belongings and climb into the Ergo forever without any exit plan whatsoever.) There is so much feeling and emotion and personality in his eyes and I love looking into them and knowing what it is that he wants. Is he hungry? Does he have a belly ache? Is he sleepy? Does he want to be held? Does he want to go for a stroll in the Ergo? (Probably, on the latter.)

It's been amazing watching these physical transformations take place in front of my eyes. It's amazing the growth that occurs in all aspects in just the brief span of one week. In just a few days, my little love will be two whole months old. I'm in awe and disbelief and everything else that mommies feel when they realize that the tiny newborn who was placed into their arms is now growing into their own little person. And what an interesting little person mine is!


  1. Lindsay, Your son is amazingly beautiful. My words fall short of expressing. You are truly blessed!

  2. Lindsay, your son is amazingly beautiful My words fall short of expressing. You have been blessed!

  3. @Lily: Thank you so much! I think I spend a solid 45 minutes out of every hour thanking my lucky stars for him. He's amazing.

  4. you are such a good mama :)

    and i love love love love LOVE your new header. have i told you a million times yet how he makes me long for a baby boy?!


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