When Husbands Go Back To Work: A Horror Story

My husband is quite the multi-tasker, as you can see. He kind of rules at being Ethan's daddy and a wonder-husband and an efficient human being. (I'm of the procrastinating, lollygagging, it-can-get-done-later variety. I can admit it.) He has been the biggest help since Ethan was born (hello, understatement of the year), especially considering the first two weeks of Ethan's life I was in and out of consciousness and he was responsible for his sole care-taking.

I know that I'm extremely fortunate to have had a husband with 6 weeks paid paternity leave. That's an awfully long time, and I can appreciate that. My husband hasn't been to work since he left the office for the day on June 22nd, the night Ethan ended up surprising us with his arrival. Still, I was dreading him going back to work for a few reasons. We'd gotten ourselves into such a great little routine that just worked so well. It was also nice to have someone to watch the baby while I cooked dinner or ran my needed errands without having to be rushed or flustered. We made a good team together in tackling those supposed exhausting newborn days and, really, we managed to beat sleep deprivation thanks to our great teamwork. I was also dreading his return back to work because, well, it was nice getting to just be a little family for the first time and spend our days in awe over Ethan, reading him books, snuggling on the couch and listening to music, et cetera. Having that time together was nice.

Mostly, though, I've been dreading my husband going back to work because as my down-and-out luck would have it, his first day back to work was disguised as a week long business trip. He left this evening for a mandatory work trip that begins bright and early tomorrow morning in Orlando. The fact he's only three hours away is both good and bad. Good, because he can be home quickly in case of an emergency. Bad, because it's almost kind of taunting that he's so close yet so far. Not only will I have to do the first-time mom worry-fest when my husband walks out the door for a day of work, but it'll have to spill over into the night hours...and then on and on until the week finally ends and he comes home again. (And I worry a lot.)

It's also kind of sad in that "end of an era" way. It was sad to watch my husband look pathetically miserable as he said goodbye to Ethan and had to leave him behind for the week. I admittedly cried, probably not makings things much easier. Ethan and I did sneakily make his daddy a card on which we traced Ethan's hand and footprints and sneaked it into his suitcase. He sent us a text message once he arrived saying it was his favorite gift ever.

I'm trying to pump myself up that I can do this! I can, I can, I can! I'm a little nervous but what doesn't kill us only makes us stronger.



  1. You can do it!!

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  2. This picture is awesome!
    And yes, you will be fine!
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  3. That little note in his suitcase was such a cute idea! Of course he loved it so much!

    You're a great Mom and you can do this!! I hope this week goes fast for you so you can have your family back together soon!

  4. Adorable Baby!

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