two months.

Yesterday Ethan turned two months old. Two months! The time has positively flown by and I am amazed at how he's grown. It seems like each day brings a new milestone or a new change in some way.

These days, he's eating around 7 ounces per feeding. Sometimes he's feeling up to 8. He's eating at around 4 hour stretches during the day and 5-6 hour stretches at nighttime. He's holding his head up like a champion during tummy time and can even hold it up to look around when he's in the Ergo. Speaking of the Ergo, it's his absolute favorite thing in the world. I do 99% of everything while wearing him in the Ergo all day, every day.

He's wearing 3-6 month clothing. His 0-3 month clothes don't come close to fitting anymore and his 3 month clothes are definitely way snug. He's wearing a size 2 for about a week now in his Seventh Generation diapers. He loves "talking" and "having conversations" with his mobile animals or us. He's awake so much more during the day and only has two real naps a day excluding the snoozing here and there he does (in the car or in the Ergo, mostly!). I'm loving how alert and focused he is these days.

We have his two month check up (...and shots! I'm already crying whenever I think of it) coming up tomorrow. I'm eager to hear how much he has grown and how much he currently weighs...but I'm still begging someone to invent a way to pause time. It's exciting to watch him grow but also so very crazy! He isn't my newborn anymore and that boggles my mind!


  1. He's such a handsome little guy!

  2. oh my goodness!!! Ethan is SUCH a cutie!

  3. Happy 2 months Ethan!!

    I can't believe how much he has grown already!!

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