Yesterday Ethan had his two month check-up with his pediatrician. In the days leading up to the appointment, I had been eager to learn how much he has grown but dreading the shots he was going to receive. Ethan weighed in at 11 pounds, 14 ounces (almost twelve pounds?! Where did my baby go?!) and 23 inches long. That puts him at the 50th percentile for height and the 53rd percentile for weight. Now that his reflux is fully under control, he's getting oh-so-adorably chunky!

The nurse brought in the tray of vaccines, complete with little bandaids ready to be applied over the "ouchie spots". I started crying before Ethan did. Ethan had stopped crying and was perfectly content by the time he was strapped back into his carseat ready to head home. (Note: I said Ethan had stopped crying by that time. Not me. I'm still have a ways to go in becoming a strong, unwavering mommy.) He survived the night without any fevers or adverse reactions save for a little grumpiness and discomfort. He needed a few more cuddles (which is nothing I can complain about) and his WubbaNub to make him feel better but eventually he did.

This pediatrician visit also gave him the all-clear to make his way into public places for the first time since birth. I had been thinking of exciting places that would be suitable places for his first time out in public; places that would look really cool when written in his baby book. Life had other plans and I ended up taking him to the grocery store to pick up a couple of things we needed for dinner. Passerby smiled and asked how old he was and complimented him on his cuteness and he slept the entire time, safely snuggled up in his beloved Ergo.

I'm pretty sure his "ouchies" hurt me more than they hurt him, but isn't that the way it always goes?


  1. Can I totally recommend something. I went to an adult demo last night (yes, I can clearly see why this might scare you off from the comment!) But, I was there & the consultant mentioned 'anal ease' that it numbs areas OBV, for that kind of thing - but she told me it also works awesome for babies getting shots (all her pedis at their office recommend using it on the babies boo-boo areas before a shot and it wont get washed away when they apply alcohol). She said she has been carrying it for years, its also good for bee stings, and burns, jellyfish stings. I'm dead serious - she said this last night. My girlfriend ordered it so when her son goes to the doctors she can apply it before they give him the needle.

    This seriously was no way to scare anyone! I swear this is what the lady told me! She just covers the lettering up with other words, like "JC's ointment".

  2. Just wait until he's a toddler and it takes you, Aaron, and a nurse to hold him down while he gets his shots!!

  3. There's also a cream called EMLA that you can get over the counter -- you apply it about half an hour before the ouchies, and it'll numb the area -- People use it when they get tattoos sometimes... I wish I knew about it for my foot tattoo, haha!

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