luck & liberty

This morning we went to the always fun Liberty Park here in Parkland. I like this park because not only is it mostly covered to protect little bodies from roasting in the Florida sun but it also has a built-in splash park area as well as a tot lot reserved for the really little parkgoers. I'm sure I'll appreciate the tot lot portion even more once Ethan is old enough to play and isn't getting trampled by rambunctious elementary school-aged kids (you know, the brutes of the playground) but right now I appreciate it for providing a nice, covered area to sit and revel in some fresh air while Ethan enjoys his morning bottle. If you have an alarm clock in the form of a nearly two-month old, you also have the added luxury of arriving not only before the sun is fully awake but also before the park is overrun with kids and crowds. Just us and the peaceful sounds of birds chirping. There really isn't a better way to kick off a weekend.

I also thought it would be fun if we took Ethan on the swing in the tot lot which he enjoyed a lot more on the laps of his mommy and daddy. Ethan's first park trip was really yesterday when I decided to take him on a whim for some fresh air yesterday morning and wanted to see if he liked the park swings. It didn't go so well. He was not amused.
Today went better. He may have even been amused, at least for a little while until the sun started shining through the clouds and we decided Florida was hot and we'd better get going.

We treated him to an extra long car ride as we took the trip up to Boca so I could pick up some more Gelmix and, on the way home, I ran into Starbucks. I ordered my usual venti iced quad nonfat caramel macchiato and the barista presented me with a grande. I felt silly speaking up to point out the error, especially as the kvetch in line in front of me reprimanded her for putting ice in his cup of water. "Who," he scoffed, "puts ice in ice water? Unbelievable!" I eyed the grande and weighed it against my exhaustion and decided to sweetly say something. I was apologizing on behalf of her mistakes to try to lessen the blow. I explained that I normally wouldn't say anything except I have a two-month old sitting in the car with his father and, well, he sure drives me to drink (caffeine, that is!). Yeah, that's my default approach: blaming the infant. He's adorable. No one could possibly hold any resentment towards me! She just smiled and sweetly told me she would make me a venti right this minute and I could take the grande with me, too. (See? The "I have a cute baby who has an aversion to sleeping" excuse always works.) "Today is your lucky day," she smiled.

Yes, yes it is. I do so feel like the luckiest person in the world, but that has little to do with free espresso drinks and more to do with my little (scapegoat of a) baby. The one who is adorably taking a nap on his daddy's chest and making the cutest little facial expressions in his sleep. The one who makes this silly little baby-talk noise when you ask him what cows say. The one who has seemingly forgotten of his love for the Ergo (or his mommy!) now that his daddy is home for the weekend. Did I mention that he's going to be two whole months old in just two more days? It's unbelievable. It really, really is.

On Thursday afternoon, I was dancing with him while he looked up at me from his place in the Ergo. "The Luckiest" by Ben Folds came on our Pandora station. "Little love," I said, "I wanted this to be mommy and daddy's wedding song but your daddy said it was too long!" He smiled. "Maybe this can be mommy and Ethan's song." He smiled again and let out a little giggle. Okay, little love. It is. I really am the luckiest.


  1. 1) I am in love with your new layout. So gorgeous.

    2) I am going to use that excuse whenever I can once she's born because, hello, it's like a Get Out of Jail Free Card.

    3) Ethan is adorable and I think that whenever you post pictures and just wanted to tell you <3

  2. Those swings are pretty much amazing! I wish they had those kind here :)

  3. Looking fab, momma!! That extra coffee is always well-appreciated! :oD

    The Luckiest & Make You Feel My Love are the two songs I constantly replay for Regan - while I would've loved them as wedding wongs, they are even more perfect for the little ones. <3

  4. Oh my goodness! Ethan is just precious!

    That's so sweet. I call Anderson my little love too. :)


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