erbaviva luxury organic baby products review

When Erbaviva offered to let me try one of their renowned pure and natural baby products, I was extremely excited. I have heard great things about Erbaviva and their pristine products that are good for you (and baby!) and the environment. Ethan tends to get dry skin on his forehead area and so I was eager to try their lip and cheek balm for baby on him to moisturize his skin. When it comes to cleaners, baby products or my household in general, you know how strict I am about keeping the harsh chemicals far away. So you can imagine how thorough I've been while searching for a balm that was gentle enough to pass my inspection to be able to be used on my baby's face. Immediately I took note that I was familiar with every ingredient on the ingredient list. From the first ingredient (shea butter) to the last (rosemary leaf extract), I was familiar with each of the ingredients that made up the balm that would touch my baby's face. There were no harmful perfumes or scents which aren't just harsh on baby's skin but also a nuisance to my vast array of allergies. Instead, just the delightful scent of chamomile and rosemary. After using the balm on Ethan's face for just two nights before bedtime, I noticed that the skin was far less dry. After two more days, you were unable to even tell that the skin on his forehead was ever dry. His skin was soft and silky just like a baby's skin should be! As a mom, I felt comfortable knowing that this balm had nothing in it to cause him any harm and, on that note, isn't at all harmful if swallowed. At almost 100% organic, there is absolutely no flaw I can find in Erbaviva's lip and cheek balm! As chamomile always is, I found the scent quite tranquil and noticed it helped Ethan drift off to sleep easier at bedtime.

(And if we're being honest here, I've definitely been swiping it to use on my own lips before bedtime. That gentle chamomile scent? Better than a cup of chamomile tea at bedtime, for real.)

Erbaviva also sent me their baby lotion to try out on Ethan. Again, I was so pleased by the ingredient list! Once again, from the first ingredient (de-ionized water) to the last ingredient (vitamin E), I was familiar with each ingredient. No meandering vowels and consonants mixed together to form an intimidating ingredient that you couldn't recognize and nothing that would make you second guess putting it on your baby's sensitive skin! I loved this lotion for the fresh, clean way it made his skin smell and feel after bath. I'm not at all a fan of scents and perfumes and so I appreciated the ever-so-subtle scent of organic mandarin and the tiniest touch of chamomile mixed in. The lotion is so light and not at all greasy like most lotions on the market. It soaked easily into Ethan's skin and left him feeling soft after his post-bathtime massage instead of greasy and weighted down.

All in all, I am beyond pleased by Erbaviva and their products! I'm looking forward to trying more of not only their vast array of baby products but also their products for adults! They have a fantastic assortment of products for both men and women as well as mommies-to-be. And their line of essential oils? I was salivating at the descriptions of them and fantasizing about how wonderful they must be during a long, quiet soak in the tub. A mommy can dream, right?

To purchase Erbaviva products of your own, visit their website to do some online shopping or check out their store finder feature to see if the products are available near you!

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