and one afternoon i knew i could love you

We've been extraordinarily busy this past week. My husband used a few vacation days to spend the majority of this past week home with Ethan. On the agenda for the week was everything that we normally do that my husband unfortunately has to miss out on -- and we managed to squeeze all of these things into five very busy days! Ethan is pretty gloomy that dada isn't hanging around the house with us today and I keep imagining my husband sitting at his desk at work, equally as gloomy. On that note, I'd like to publicly announce that my husband cleaned our entire house from top to bottom, including the floors and doing all of the laundry that had piled up to a degree even I'm too embarrassed to admit to. Best husband ever award? Yeah, I nominate mine. Let's all applaud his awesomeness and maybe cheer him up a little bit on his first day away from Ethan in a week.

It was a week of playdates, of My Gym, of singing songs and dancing around the circle, of realizing just how lucky Ethan is to have the daddy he has, of laughter to the point of hiccups, of splash pads to squash the summer heat and indoor playgrounds to avoid it altogether. It was a week where happiness and love glowed brighter than the sun, where the rain pounded down on the windows while Ethan soundly slept.

While Ethan napped and slept at night, my husband and I worked together on Ethan's birthday slideshow, both acknowledging we'll probably cry through the whole thing anyway. It's those moments where I love him even more than usual (which is a lot-lot, please believe) not just because of the person he is, but the daddy he is.

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