eggs and matzoh

*Before I begin this post, everyone has been asking me how the maxi pad theory worked out. It worked like a superbly absorbent dream! Ethan not only slept through the night -- wait, maybe you didn't hear me: he slept through the night! -- but he woke up completely dry! Success!

This morning, as soon as Ethan woke up, we got busy coloring our eggs. My husband has been caught between it being his busy time at work and desperately wanting to participate in holiday fun with Ethan, so we squeezed in the egg coloring during breakfast and before we were expected to be at a huge countywide egg hunt. With Ethan's help, 24 pastel (that's being generous -- I'll remember to buy traditional egg dyes next year!) eggs were in the cartons and ready for the Easter bunny to leave them for Ethan on Sunday morning.

We stopped to pick up grandma, grandpa and aunt Megan (okay, and Starbucks, too), making our way to this gigantic egghunt being put on at a nearby high school. We were expecting it to be big but we weren't expecting a few thousand people to be there. Literally.

I like to think that these things can still be fun despite the initial panic, confusion, map-studying and crowds. I like to think that a few thousand people can act civil enough to remember that this is an event for the kids to, you know, be cute and put eggs in their baskets. I was wrong. Kids got lost, babies got trampled and a grown man actually took Ethan's eggs away from him. That's the spirit!

We ended tonight with our Passover Seder at my parent's house. Ethan gobbled up pieces of matzoh softened with water and pieces of matzoball. This was his first holiday in which he was old enough to sample tiny parts of the menu and he was loving every last bite.

Today was one of those days where the tired burns at your eyes at the end of the day and you're ready to cave into the apathy by nine o'clock. The plus to days like today, though, is that when you're retreating to your state of powered-off brain and a body that feels like mush, you're able to reflect back on the fact it was a good day. A good, good day.

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