ethan's first egg hunt.

Today we attended a fun potluck brunch and egg hunt held at the park in my parent's neighborhood through a local playgroup. It was Ethan's first Easter egg hunt, on a few different levels. Firstly because it's his first Easter and so this was quite literally his first Easter egg hunt. Secondly because since it is his first Easter, I (naturally) have to go overboard and sign him up for multiple egg hunts and Easter festivities. Let's not forget we also have Passover to celebrate and, well, April is going to be a busy month of celebrations and holiday festivities!

While I've been helping the Easter bunny fill some eggs over the past few days, Ethan has gotten practice chasing them as he bats them around and watches them roll across the floor. I wasn't sure how he'd do when it was the real thing but he did just fine. He was loving the freedom of uninterrupted crawling around and exploring while seeking out the eggs filled with puffs, toys, bubbles...and some chocolate goodies for moms and dads, too.

The holidays contain a whole new level of magic now that Ethan is here. It's been quite a few years since the holidays have been this magical in our family and I am quite obviously loving every minute of it. It was a wonderful hot, sticky Florida afternoon spent with family and friends, enjoying the magic that these little ones bring to all of our lives. Though he slept for nearly three hours once we returned home, I think Ethan is now a seasoned pro and ready to tackle the next egg hunt.

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  1. I love his Easter basket--so cute!

  2. Looks like a lot of fun! Great family pic of all of you!


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