Today was our first salt therapy session at this fantastic place called The Salt Suite in Delray Beach. Ethan's post-RSV rattle-wheeze still exists even when he isn't sick, mostly when he's extremely active or pretty excited. The more I read about salt therapy and the way it not only helps people with respiratory ailments like Ethan (or sinusitis like me) but also helps build one's immune system, the more I couldn't wait to try it. I spoke to Jessica, the owner of The Salt Suite, who helped alleviate any doubts or questions I had and scheduled Ethan's appointment right away. Going into the appointment, I wasn't sure what to expect. As the session first began, I still wasn't sure what to expect. Before long, though, Ethan's sinuses (and mine, too!) began to drain and continued to do so for most of the day. This is the first time in a long time where Ethan didn't go to sleep with even the slightest bit of wheeze or rattle after a before bedtime play session.

I know growing up, my mother's solution to nearly every sickness we ever got was to just go to the beach and breathe the salty air. When Ethan's respiratory system acts up, it's my natural instinct to bring him to the beach and let him breathe in the salty air, which has always been the best decongestant. Salt therapy was like the beach minus the carrying of a 24 pound wriggly baby, a cooler, a diaper bag and a blanket through the sand until you can't push on anymore and the men selling cabanas come help you carry your things to the shore before you sprain your ankle or have a nervous breakdown. Basically, it recreates the micro-climate of a salt cave as dry salt aerosol is sprayed throughout a room that is comprised of salt (both the walls and floor are made up of salt). It is a negative ion and antibacterial environment thanks to the salt, which means a lot to a child with a compromised immune system like Ethan. The salt travels to the deepest parts of your lungs and respiratory system with each deep breath you take. I could breathe easier about ten minutes into our 45 minute session.

Salt therapy is perfect for people with nearly any type of ailment (from allergies to a common cold to cystic fibrosis to eczema and more) and also generally helps with your stamina and immune system. It also helps alleviate stress and promotes relaxation -- which I can vouch for completely. Ethan, the baby who has hated car travel with every last fiber of his being since nearly birth, fell asleep in the car after about five minutes into our drive home. Once we got home, he slept for 3 1/2 hours (and I admit it, so did I). In addition to finally breathing better than I have been breathing for weeks, I feel totally relaxed and rejuvenated and I could tell that Ethan feels the same. Without his "rattlewheeze," he was able to play before bedtime until he was tired and easily fell asleep without any struggle. He is feeling good.

Though I didn't get to experience the "grown-up rooms" at The Salt Suite, I did get to take a peek. Is it bad I was almost looking forward to the next time my sinuses wanted to fail me so I could spend 45 minutes relaxing and breathing in the salty air in that gorgeous room?! The children's area, however, was still great. It was filled with toys, books and games for Ethan to play with in the salt. He also loved navigating the salt piles with the same determination he has when trying to navigate the sand at the beach without faceplanting. Which, you know, he did once -- and proceeded to intentionally eat a mouthful of salt. He learned his lesson. The salt went nowhere near his mouth for the rest of our time there!

South Florida locals, be sure to check out The Salt Suite at 3100 South Federal Highway in Delray Beach or reach them by phone at (561) 316-SALT. Let them know that Lindsay and Ethan from You Are The Roots referred you!

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  1. Nicole over at The Kavanaugh Report sent me over here! My 13 month old son has RSV induced asthma and we have been dealing with the dreaded rattle/wheeze for several months now, getting better at times but never really leaving. He is on pumps and inhalers all the time and I am very interested in alternative therapies! There are no salt therapy centers anywhere near me (and I don't like near an ocean), do you have any tips on things I could do at home that could help? thanks so much for this great post!

    1. Hey Rosemary!

      I'm so sorry your little one has to go through the "wheezerattle" as well...it's the worst. :( No matter how dull, it's still always there, lingering.

      Shoot me an e-mail at youaretherootsblog@gmail.com -- I'd love to share tips and ideas with you!

  2. That is SO cool!! What a great way to help his RSV symptoms -- and just have a good old fashioned sensory experience :o)

  3. Wow this is great, glad that you guys had such a great experience! I have never heard of salt therapy, but it is something that I will be looking into. Our whole family suffers with sinus issues, and I'm sure Maggie will be in the same boat. Thanks for sharing!!!


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