baby food day.

Today was baby food day. That means earlier today, we walked up down the organic produce aisles at our favorite local health food store, carefully selecting fresh fruits and vegetables that would soon be turned into less appealing purees. The collection of empty food cubes on the counter are now gone; those same cubes are now filled and sitting contently in their respective freezer trays. We've sliced, chopped, baked, steamed and boiled, and now we are stocked up.

These days, Ethan is big into leafy greens. He loves kale, spinach and, mostly, collard greens. Quinoa and black beans also rank high on his list of favorites and I'm finding that it's hard to convince him that he still likes fruit at all save for bananas. He's growing tired of purees in general, assigning his favoritism to finger foods and chunks of steamed food not quite turned smooth. This is a good thing, his new love for self-feeding, as I'm guessing this was our last haul of baby food making before my Baby Bullet succumbs to it's impending slow and miserable death. It took every ounce of strength I had to not hurl the nearly overheated base against the wall after it decided it was too weak to even properly puree zucchini.

Baby food day is not pretty.

Sputtering baby food processors and splotches of pureed collared greens on your newest shirt aside, this weekend is flying by at a frightening pace. Ethan is on the go, go, go more than ever and it's all too clear that we almost have a one year old. I've been working on his invitations and making a birthday party to-do list but have been distracted by the sheer feeling of heartbreak each time I realize my newborn isn't actually such a newborn anymore. It's these little things that make me bite my lip, threaten the Baby Bullet under my breath and try to find the beauty in every moment of every day...even baby food day.

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