when it's not you, it's the rest of the world.

Since Ethan was born, I've only allowed him to be in Seventh Generation diapers. I've become shockingly immune to the looks of apparent disgust and the "what, do you think Pampers will kill him?" inquiries made just snide enough to let me know that the person saying this thinks I'm crazy. Just like I know the limits of my own embarrassingly sensitive skin, I knew the limits of Ethan's since the moment I first saw him. Which isn't to say that I didn't wish better for him but I just had a hunch that while he inherited his daddy's eyelashes and full lips, he inherited my weakling skin and faulty respiratory system. That hunch was totally justified, as my kid wore Huggies Overnights for the first time in his life with his maxi pad...and had a terrible allergic reaction.

I brought him to our pediatrician to have her check out the red bumps creeping up his tummy. She gave me a prescription for a cream which I immediately brought over to the closest Target pharmacy. Ethan and I stood at the pharmacy counter at five until seven o'clock. A woman in her 60's with clip-on bangs and blood red lip liner that ran all the way up under her nose played peek-a-boo with Ethan -- who looked on in utter fear -- while I fished for Ethan's newest insurance card in my overflowing wallet. Eventually, the pharmacist approached. "What an adorable baby, but unfortunately it's 7 and we've already closed." Her tone was a mixture of sympathetic and scared. I've no doubts she was used to many an angry customer nearly climbing the counter while screaming at her for something she couldn't control. I felt the tears well-up in my eyes as I patiently tried to explain to her that we were here before the clock said 7, that we just drove here from the pediatrician's office, that my son needed this before he went to bed and it was currently his bedtime as it was. "Oh, I understand, ma'am but -- oh, he just spit up. I guess it's not his day!" She proceeded to explain that it was my day because there was a Walgreens right nextdoor that had a drive-through window and so all I had to do was put Ethan in the car and drive on over. Clearly this woman didn't have children.

The pharmacist at Walgreens said they didn't carry this lotion, but they could have it next week. "Ma'am, is it okay if he waits until next week to have this?" I explained that, no, he had a rash and needed it now so I'd go elsewhere. "We'd hate to lose you as a customer. I can check with my manager to see if we can have it sooner, maybe four days," reassured the pharmacist. I was ready to hurl myself through my windshield.

I'll skip the rest of the horror story, but the short version is that I ended up at four different pharmacies before finding a CVS that carried the lotion prescribed. The pharmacist there told me that it could be ready in an hour but no sooner. "Is an hour from now okay? Ma'am, I can't hear you, your baby is screaming. Can you ask him to be quiet?"

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  1. When it rains, it pours... Ugh, without kids, people just don't understand how URGENT some things can be. I'm sorry you had to deal with FOUR pharmacies -- the whole situation is almost comical! I'm very glad you found a place that carried it and Ethan can get back to healing his skin. Sensitive skin is terrible!

  2. OH-EM-GEEE!!! I hate this for you! Please have some wine tonight. Hope your little man gets to feeling better!

  3. LINDSAY!!!!!!!! ohmygoodness....the last time I had to wait at a Publix pharmacy I was ready to scream at someone. I stood there with a very sick Willow, crying in my arms, mind you, and a 2 year old who was at her wits end from waiting. There was one chair where a woman who looked to be in her nineties was sitting and this kind, kind woman offered me the chair (of course, I refused to take it.) Anyway, we stood there FOR AN HOUR until finally I went up to the counter and flagged down someone because NO ONE came to ME and I was told "oh, looks like your office sent the prescription to the other pharmacy...we can have it ready in an hour though." why oh why oh why does it take so dang long to fill a dang prescription?! finally I waited in the drive through...pulled up 5 minutes before my hour was up and the very rude woman said, "mam, it hasn't been an hour, you'll have to wait." WHAT. at this point my baby was screaming in the back seat. AH! all this to say, your story just brought back so much frustration. hahaha...people really, really, REALLY just don't get it sometimes. what takes someone five minutes to do without a child, can take you 45 minutes to do with a child...when they are sick or tired tack on an extra 15 minutes to that time. It's hard sometimes.

    and ps- olivia had super sensitive skin as well and the only thing that i could use with her was 7th GEN. I've gotten many a look as well and words like, "why in the world would you spend so much on diapers? is it because you just don't like the print on regular diapers??"...............................


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