down on the farm with grandpa.

This morning, my dad and I took Ethan to a nearby park that is home to a farm filled with many adorable animals. We trekked on despite the looming threat of rain and once we arrived -- underneath sunny skies -- we realized that the pony rides only happen on the weekends and the petting farm was reserved today for a school field trip. Despite the hiccups, Ethan had a fabulous time exploring the perimeters of the farm with his grandpa.

Ethan looked on in delight and wonder as his grandpa pointed out the peacocks and watched them display their beautiful feathers. We encountered a group of horse riders who introduced Ethan to one of their horses: a beautiful brown and white boy named R.J. who loved pats on the nose, which Ethan loved giving him.

I always attributed my love for animals to my father, who tucked me into bed at night as a child reading me Ranger Rick magazines and flipping through nature guides of local shorebirds and native Florida wildlife. It's apparent that Ethan inherited that same burst of animal love. There is little I love more than watching the smile completely take over his face when he's around animals and wildlife. That's my boy.

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