oh, mercy will you follow me

It is always hot here in South Florida, but lately it is hot. The sticky kind of hot that leaves your clothes clinging to you, saturated in sweat from even the quickest walk from your door to your mailbox and back again. The kind of hot that makes a mirage of water dance on the horizon of the boiling hot pavement while you're driving in your car with the air conditioning blasting so high you can't hear a thing over it.

Ethan and I discovered the beauty of indoor playgrounds at the perfect time, as the looming threat of a Florida summer taunts us.

He enjoyed crawling across the fake grass, a cool breeze blowing from the air conditioning vent above. He sipped his water and I sipped a frozen coffee drink and I knew that we both enjoyed laughing at the Florida heat watching us from the other side of the glass windows. It couldn't get us in here. It couldn't drown us in sweat and apathy. We were safe here with the fake grass and the playground slides and the pedal cars.

We escaped the heat for nearly three hours. Ethan created several masterpieces, one of which was special enough to find it's new home in the art gallery of the play center. The other was special enough to find itself tucked in the special trinkets flap of his baby book, where all frog masks with noisemaker tongues should go.

It was a good day. A good day filled with laughter and memories and everything except sweat and record heat. A day in which we didn't feel like melting. From the heat, I mean. His smile melts me every time.

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  1. This looks awesome! We need more places like this around here, but for the winter!

  2. ack! you described the heat perfectly....it has yet to get that hot up here but i can feel it coming every day!!!

  3. Indoor playgrounds?! I'm going to have to find some of those. Summer is taunting us here in SC as well and I k ow the days of 100+ degrees are going to be here before I know it! Glad to see indoor playgrounds can be just as much fun...because there's nothing worse than clingy clothes, bleh!


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