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I've been making Ethan all of his food from the get-go. Like any parent, I'm extremely picky and nervous when it comes to giving him any food from an outside source other than the guaranteed safe kitchen that I'm making his food in. Happy Baby strives to be a premium organic food company for babies and toddlers that you can trust and they do just that.

As a mother to a child undergoing testing for Celiac disease, I understand the grueling and often frightening prospect of food allergies. So often when it comes to food allergies, reading the labels hardly makes anything clearer. Things might be marked one way but have a tiny line of print saying all of this contradictory information about the machinery that the products were created on. Happy Baby understand food allergies and the important concern parents to children with food allergies have. I stumbled upon their products on a seemingly impossible quest for certified gluten free puffs for Ethan after I navigated their food allergy chart. It seemed like a dream come true for a parent to a child with any type of food allergy. (Also, their products are vegan friendly!)

Food allergies aside, Happy Family do have products with ingredients that you, as a parent, can trust. Their foods contain the healthiest ingredients and nutrients for optimal growth and development. What's special about Happy Family and sets them apart from other organic or natural food brands on the market is their ingredients. They're the only brand on the market containing prebiotics, DHA, choline and Salba. I personally also love how they incorporate healthy grains like amaranth and quinoa, which is always refreshing to see. Another perk to choosing Happy Family's Happy Baby foods and snacks would be that they're 100% organic. What that means is there is absolutely no pesticides used, no chemical fertilizers, no genetic modifications of any kind, no added sugar, no artificial anything, no trans-fats and no preservatives.

If that doesn't warm your heart enough, did you know that for every package purchased, Happy Baby partners with Project Peanut Butter to help feed malnourished babies and children in Malawi and Sierra Leone?! (I know! How awesome, right?!)

Ethan loves the Happy Bellies oatmeal, which contains DHA and choline. In canisters made from 48% recycled content, I feel comfortable giving Ethan this oatmeal that is packaged in BPA free packaging and is filled with prebiotics and probiotics that help combat allergies.

After having some issues with our baby food maker recently, I found myself having to give Ethan pouches of premade baby food for the first time in his life until I was able to figure everything out. I felt comfortable giving him Happy Baby pouches, as they are 100% natural. Their Happy Baby pouches come in several different variations from smooth purees for babies starting solids to balanced meals for moms and babies on the go. They even have pouches for toddlers, too!

Even though he totally agrees everything from Happy Baby sure is delicious, Ethan has a definite favorite. That favorite? Puffs!

If you're a mom, chances are you know all about puffs. It seems everyone has their go-to brand or flavor of puffs. Our top choice? Happy Baby's organic puffs. Ethan loves these puffs because they're delicious. I, as his mom, love these puffs because they're made with whole grains, come in five organic flavors (two of which are gluten free!) and are stored in BPA and PVC-free packaging.

Being able to snack on these puffs (his favorite flavor would be the greens -- spinach, kale and collard greens -- by the way!) has taught Ethan how to perfect (well, almost) his pincer grasp and how to self-feed. Self-feeding has since become his new favorite activity! These puffs also contain half the sugar of other puffs on the market and they're solely sweetened with 100% fruit juice! What's not to love?

(These puffs also make perfect egg stuffers for little Easter baskets!)

TO BUY: You can find all of Happy Baby's products on Happy Baby's Store on Alice and most on the shelves of your local grocery store or health food store!

TO WIN: Happy Baby has offered one of my readers the ultimate prize pack! This is your chance to win HappyBellies cereals or oatmeal, HappyBaby frozen foods for beginners through advanced eaters, HappyBaby Puffs for babies and toddlers, HappyMelts yogurt snacks for babies and toddlers and HappyPouches for on the go babies! In addition, Happy Baby are throwing in their family recipes, nutrition guide and an informative Happy Family FAQ!

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  1. I would love to try the puffs. Our daughter is just now to the age where I'm comfortable giving her more solid foods. :)

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  3. I want my son to try the Veggie Tots or Breakfast Pocket.

  4. we love happy baby banana puffs!!!!

  5. My daughter loves the Happytot pouches and I'd love to give the veggie tots a try.

  6. HAPPYBABY was the first premium baby brand to enter the market in 5 small stores in New York City!

  7. I didn't realize HAPPYBABY made frozen products as well- we would love to try some of the HAPPYBABY frozen products

  8. Love to try the oatmeal ad we use only whole grain brown rice, oats, amaranth, and quinoa in HAPPYBELLIES cereal

    showmemama @ymail dot com

  9. I'd love to try some of the frozen things they offer! So convenient!

  10. I want to try the toddler meals and the Happytot plus pouches.

  11. I'd love to get the Happy Tot Plus Pouches, the Happy Munchies Carrot Rice Cakes and the Happy Yogis for my little girl!

    Entered as Rebecca Smith

  12. I would like to try the Toddler Happy Bites.

  13. I love that they offer whole grain. My daughter loves puffs and these would be great

  14. My kids would love the mac and cheese bites!

    Samantha D
    dull2000 at cox dot net

  15. I like that a lot of their foods are soy free.

  16. Easy for little ones to feed themselves

  17. i like that their food has probiotics in them!

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