and please, remember me that halloween

It's barely October and already I am soaking up every bit of the holiday festivities that I can. As soon as the "open" sign was placed in front of a local farm known for it's incredible fall festival and pumpkin patch display, we were making our way up to spend the day basking in the still unwavering Florida heat and the declaration of fall, as reluctant as Florida's weather is to relinquish it's control to the technicalities of the seasons. With Ethan proudly sporting his special Halloween shirt that he helped Grandpa pick out the other day and his Halloween costume in tow for a quick outfit change (are "formal Halloween portraits" a thing or did I just insist upon making them one?), we wiped away our sweat and trudged on through the hay and pumpkins.

As we walked on, it struck me that this was our second time celebrating Halloween with Ethan. More than that, it was our second time bringing him to this very same pumpkin patch to snap photographs of him in his adorable get-up to send to everyone we knew, proudly showcasing our sweet bundle of orange-and-black clad joy. He was so tiny then, able to be laid against the pumpkins as an immobile infant. He seemed so big now, making his own way through the pumpkin patch on two feet like the child that he is. I laughed recalling how the year before last, I was unknowingly pregnant with Ethan and so desperate for a child of my own, dragged my newly teenaged sister to the pumpkin patch to pose her with the pumpkins and Halloween displays. She whined, she protested (the heat, the bugs, the dirt, the what if someone from my class is here?) and I fought the urge to throw up in my purse, claiming both motion sickness from the drive and the fact that she was driving me insane. I dropped her off at home after she agreed to pose next to one scarecrow display and spent the rest of the afternoon vomiting, swearing I'd never drive that road again and cursing the "road bumps" I didn't even remember hitting -- you know, because they didn't exist. Does that make this technically Ethan's third trip to the pumpkin patch?

Last year, Ethan's trip to the pumpkin patch looked like this:

This year, he stood tall against the corn stalks and inquisitively asked "dat?" or "dis?" while navigating the route he decided upon himself. He even picked out a tiny pumpkin of his own and put it in his Elmo trick-or-treat basket to save for later. Time. Where does it go?

Last year, Ethan's costume was a hit. I thought of it during Ethan's newborn days when he was awake at 3 a.m. for a feeding and I was immersed in old Happy Days reruns. Last year, he was The Fonz:

...And I knew it'd be hard work to think of something -- anything -- that could compete with that.

Never one to run from a challenge, I had another late-night epiphany and so Ethan's Halloween 2012 costume was born. "Risky Business," anyone?!

I know, right?! Tom Cruise has nothing on these baby thighs.

Though the heat kept us from the hay rides and bounce houses and corn maze for now, it was still a beautiful day spent welcoming fall and pulling in the holidays that had been slowly dancing on the horizon. A sweaty, slow Sunday morning spent with family and enjoying every moment because, really, it all just keeps going by so quickly.


  1. So stinkin' cute! The Fonz? Risky Business? So fun!
    And you, my dear, look so pretty! (just thought I'd throw that in there).
    Happy Fall!

    1. Thank you! I was convinced to do my hair and put on make-up and get in pictures because I'm never in any, ha! Whatever serves as motivation to actually do my hair these days, right?!

  2. Those costumes are seriously so stinkin cute! And so creative!

  3. Oh my goodness. That Risky Business costume is the greatest.

  4. Seriously cute photos! Glad i found ur blog. Im following u from the followerstofriends blog hop. Im over at www.makemeupmandy.com hope to see u there x

  5. Such cute pics! And what a great idea for a Halloween costume! Adorable!


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