to dance beneath the diamond sky with one hand waving free

Ethan had his first dance class this morning. My sister is a hip-hop dancer (and blonde and stylish and taller than me and, well, I'm still looking for proof that we're actually related) and the studio she dances with begins lessons young so ever since I found out I was pregnant, it wasn't really a question that the baby in my belly was going to take dance. Once he was born, it was a countdown until he was 18 months and could begin his classes. No, you're not totally crazy and, no, Ethan didn't skip a few months seemingly overnight. He's still only 15 months old -- but we couldn't wait any longer for him to start. Let's get real, here: patience isn't my strongest quality.

Ethan began classes today with his friend, Cassidy. She was all dolled up in her cute little leotard and Ethan was decked out in baggy sweats and a cut-off tank as a nod to Aunt Megan's hip-hop legacy. Cassidy and Ethan (and the rest of our dear friends who will be joining as well once we coerce them) have known one another since they were only a couple of months old. It's sweet to watch them recognize one another and find comfort in one another's presence. They do flock to one another and lately Ethan and Cassidy have started to hold one another's hands and, oh, I was so prepared for the dose of epic cuteness overload that would stem from these two taking dance together. Best laid plans, am I right?

Parents wait outside and stay glued to the television sets to watch their children's every move (no? Just me?). In the first image, you'll notice Ethan participating with the shaker sticks. He loves to make music. In the second image, you'll notice my mom rushing to the rescue to try to calm Ethan down and get him back to having fun. I'm never usually at a loss for words but even I can't describe the level of "meltdown" that Ethan had in the middle of class. His dance instructor told us it was as if he was standing there in a puddle of his own tears. I know, right? My heart is still trying to recover. Ethan finished the class with the help of Grandma and came out content and with a sticker on his hand that he couldn't wait to show everyone. Sympathetic parents assured me that their children did the very same thing for the first two or three classes. Puddle of his own tears. Oh, my aching mommy heart.

We left class, went to eat with my parents and sister and then I treated Ethan to a book about dogs from Barnes & Noble and a smoothie from Jamba Juice. He was still infinitely stoked about his sticker from Miss Lisa, though the book about dogs had him laughing the entire drive home from the bookstore. Okay, so maybe it wasn't the grand audition for Step Up 15 or Dirty Dancing 12 that I was anticipating but he did his best and I'm proud of him. (And, you know, hoping next week holds a little more dancing and a lot less tears!) Can we still call this a success?

I'm thinking so.


  1. What a cutie! I love that you put him in a dance class! It is great for movement and rhythm at that age,

    New follower at Hurley Love

  2. Such a sweet story you and your hubby have and a beautiful family. I am happy I finally got a chance to stop by and become a follower. Loving all I am reading! Such cute photos and I love E's t-shirt.


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