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This Monday's lunch was zucchini pasta and it was a huge hit. Ethan devoured most of the bowl. This recipe is mostly zucchini with a little bit of pasta thrown in and topped with shredded cheese. To make this one, I sliced a zucchini in half horizontally. I used a vegetable peeler to remove the skin from each half and then to slice thin spaghetti-like strips of zucchini. You can easily keep the zucchini whole without slicing it in half and make zucchini spaghetti, but Ethan hasn't ventured into the world of full-length spaghetti yet and so I did two halves. Once you have your thin spaghetti-like strips of zucchini, you can pop them into the microwave or a steamer for 3-4 minutes until they're ready to go. In the meantime, boil some pasta (I reheated a mixture of Dreamfields elbow pasta and DeBoles alphabet wheat durum pasta that I had already made previously) and when drained and ready to go, combine with the zucchini. I didn't measure out how much pasta I used as I just used whatever was left in the tupperware. I grated up some mild cheddar cheese and lunch was served!


We had breakfast late on Tuesday and snacked a lot in the morning so Ethan wasn't too terribly hungry when lunchtime rolled around. He's been obsessed with putting all of his food on sticks kabob-style lately (my fault entirely!) so we made some fun kabobs together with some things he recognized in the refrigerator: cucumber and watermelon (can we talk about how much that brings me back to 6th grade and my beloved body sprays in that fragrance I nearly bathed in everyday?!) and pear and plum.


These mini-pizzas are supposed to be shaped as a paw print and a dog, respectively, but they came out looking a little more awkward than anticipated. Ethan didn't notice and devoured them all the same. We are huge Rustic Crust fans in our house. They make some delicious organic and all-natural crusts (and gluten-free crusts that are still delicious!). I took one of their garlic and herb crusts and cut shapes into it with cookie cutters. After brushing the crust with a very light amount of organic olive oil, I topped it with Ethan's favorite tomato sauce and cheese. I only had two blocks of cheddar on hand, so I hand-grated Ethan's pizza with those. He didn't mind. I topped them with some chunks of organic Roma tomatoes and baked them for around ten minutes. I served them with a (what else?) kabob of cheese and grapes.


These summer squash bites were the biggest hit of the week, hands down. Ethan loved them. I steamed some slices of organic summer squash. While they were steaming, I mixed together 1/4 cup of organic ricotta cheese, 1/2 teaspoon lemon juice, 1 teaspoon black pepper, 1/2 teaspoon basil and 1/4 teaspoon garlic powder in a small mixing bowl. Once the squash slices are cooled completely, fill them with a spoonful or two of the ricotta mixture and make little "sandwiches." Ethan couldn't inhale these quickly enough.


This was another variation of mac 'n veggies and a little bit of cheese, too. I had made this before but with cauliflower, carrots and zucchini. This time, I made it again with butternut squash, sweet potato and zucchini. I like using zucchini because it thins out the sauce without having to add excess water and, well, Ethan likes zucchini a whole lot. This recipe is a little more time consuming than the others so I made it in parts: steamed and pureed the vegetables in the morning before Ethan woke up and the boiled the pasta and "assembled" everything at lunchtime. I steamed a half a sweet potato, half a butternut squash and a zucchini. Once everything was ready, I popped them into my trusty Baby Bullet and pureed them until smooth. I made Ethan some pasta and stirred in the vegetable puree until smooth. I hand-grated some cheddar cheese and mixed it in until everything was combined. Ethan isn't very excited by butternut squash but after a hesitant first bite, he really enjoyed the rest of his lunch.


Yes, if you're counting, Saturday is missing. That's because we went out for pizza after shoe shopping for Ethan's new pair of big boy running sneakers. This afternoon, he had a grilled cheese and apple sandwich with provolone cheese and made on fresh Challah bread that they were just finishing baking at the grocery store this morning. I sliced an organic honeycrisp apple into a few paper-thin slices and added them underneath the provolone cheese layer of Ethan's grilled cheese. Everything was melty and gooey and delicious. I served this alongside some fresh organic strawberries and an organic plum.


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