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Kaitlyn over at Wifessionals put together a wonderful blogger box exchange called Cara Box. Basically, you're paired up with another blogger and given a few days to get a feel for who they are through their blog and then send them a special surprise box, filled with some goodies and a note of encouragement to brighten their day and make a new friend. Is there not something totally magical about receiving something in the mail other than junk and bills? I also love that the Cara Box exchange allows you to meet someone new, getting a glimpse into their life through their blog. It's a great way to provide and receive encouragement, too -- after all, all of us here in the blogging world want to support one another, right? It was also a blast putting together things for the themed boxes (October's theme was Fall Favorites) and hearing how your blog swap partner enjoyed their surprise (and the excitement you feel when they say they got the box!). What I also love about the Cara Box swap is that each month has a different theme. You can choose to sign up one month, skip another month, sign up again, et cetera. It's something fun to participate in when you can and I'm excited to have been a part of the first Cara Box exchange! Be sure to check it out to learn more and sign up for November:

Ethan and I received our Cara Box during a pretty dismal time (the day after Ethan's first ER visit when he was initially stricken with the stomach bug of doom) and it definitely brightened our day! I waited until Ethan woke up from a nap to open it, knowing opening the big box sitting in our living room would totally cheer him up a little bit.

We were matched up with Ricci over at A Beautiful Mess blog:

I didn't know Ricci or her blog before being matched for the swap, so it was definitely cool to meet her and get to know her! Ethan loved looking at pictures of her dog, Sophie, and made sure we throw in something for her, too. Ricci is also a respiratory therapist, Ethan has restrictive airway -- meant to be, right? Okay, that one is a reach, but Ricci's job seems totally interesting and it's been great to have a glimpse into her life!

Onto the Cara Box for the month of October (Fall Favorites):

Ethan loved to sniff the delicious pumpkin candle. This was actually the week he really learned how to sniff and smell things, so that was a pretty cool development.

It's also as if Ricci could read minds. It's like she knew her box had to arrive on this day where I was going on 2 hours of sleep and dealing with a way sick child. I say that because Ricci sent coffee and it was like the heavens opened up and angels sang. (I mean, if she really read minds she'd probably tell me that it'd be about a day before I came down with the same illness, but the coffee was still a nice touch.)

Ethan refused to drink anything but changed his mind once he saw me sipping coffee from one of the cute cups that Ricci sent. I filled another one up with coconut water for him and we sipped the day away!

Fast forward a week. Everyone was healthy again. Halloween was dancing on the horizon and it was finally time to do some celebrating! Ethan and I decided to bake and decorate the cupcakes that Ricci sent us as a special Halloween surprise for two of our friends who had done us the ultimate sacrifice (you know, taking care of my sister while my parents were out of town so we wouldn't have to be exposed to any kind of sickness of doom for a long, long time). Nothing says "thanks for being awesome" quite like cupcakes, right? If we could have shipped some to Arkansas for Ricci, we would have -- but I don't think that would have worked. Ethan's not exactly the neatest pastry chef.

Ta-Da! Before I get a talking-to about the lack of photographs of Ethan decorating the cupcakes, please realize that both my hands needed to be free to assist him during this process. You know, like when he tries to drink the sprinkles or feels compelled to throw them at the cats like he's feeding fish in a pond. The finished product is more than good enough, am I right?!

A huge thank-you to Ricci for our wonderful fall Cara Box! We loved everything and especially loved meeting you and catching a glimpse into your blog! What a fun way to make new friends, isn't it? Thank you to Kaitlyn for organizing this monthly swap, too.

Want to see what other bloggers got in their October Cara Boxes? Check them out below and think about signing up for next month, won't you?!


  1. How FUN!!! Glad y'all LOVED it!!! My post is going up tomorrow!!

    1. We loved everything! Thank you again SO much!

  2. How adorable is this?!!! Looks like than had a good ole' time diving into the box. Glad he feels better!! New follower. My Cara Box reveal post is up too. How fun, right?


    1. Totally fun! There's something so magical about getting a big surprise box in the mail! I can't wait to see what you got in your Cara Box, too!

  3. New follower through the Cara Box exchange! So sorry to hear about your ER visit... we had one ourselves the other day :( Glad he's feeling better!


    1. Oh no! I hope your little one is okay, too!

      Can't wait to go see what you got in your Cara Box!

  4. I'm loving the boxes for mommy's!

    So many ladies were kind enough to include things for the little ones too (:


    1. Definitely! Ethan looooooved decorating the cupcakes! He loved putting on the sprinkles!

  5. It looks so fun! I signed up for November, i can't wait to meet new people within the blog world!

  6. What a sweet box! I will be praying for your little boy...glad he got so excited about making treats! Those coffee cups are awesome!



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