a semi-successful surprise and the mosquito bites to show for it

Today was my husband's first day of work at a new job. Ethan and I had been working diligently on a surprise to ease his nerves and cheer him up on his commute because, let's face it, first day jitters are no fun at all. We picked this card out the other day.

I helped Ethan fill it out.

He did a great job.

Our next stop was picking out New Found Glory's new CD. New Found Glory are from our hometown so they're that local band that you'll be a fan of forever, not to mention they're just a huge part of all of our adolescent memories! The release date on this album made for perfect timing. We were smooth sailing.

...Until I realized I had no idea how I was going to get the card and CD into his car. See, that was my idea: have the card and CD sitting on the driver's seat for him to find when he gets in his car to leave for work. It wasn't a very easy plan to execute. At 9 o'clock last night, he decided he needed shoe polish. Cue in my whole song and dance about how much I wanted to just run to CVS and pick some up for him. Because, you know, there's no place I'd rather be at 9 o'clock at night. Fine.

I soon realized there was no way I was getting his keys and somehow sneaking off to his car without him realizing it. I needed an excuse to be outside. At ten o'clock at night. No big deal. Taking note of the Halloween decorations in our living room, I told him I wanted to decorate the outside of our house. It worked. After he kept coming out into the garage to look for odds and ends and I faked a bathroom trip to grab his keys off of the key rack, I somehow managed to get the CD into his car. He doesn't make these things easy.

And so there I was, CD in the car and now having to decorate our house at 10:00 at night. It was pitch black and I couldn't see a thing, which was scarily evident when I saw the aftermath of my decorating this morning. Our cotton spiderwebs are clumped up on our palm trees only as high as I can reach and that's, well, probably the least offensive part of it all. I'm surprised I didn't receive a knock on the door from our HOA today asking if there was any reason in particular we had clumps of cotton stuck in our trees.

Aesthetics aside, standing in bushes to decorate in the middle of the night in South Florida is less than ideal. After I was completely covered in bites from mysterious nighttime insects, I called it quits and headed back inside. I woke up this morning to red bumps all the way up my ankles to my thighs and a couple of itchy ones on my wrists. And a few on the bottom of my feet. And, yes, you guessed it, I spent my day lathering myself in Calamine lotion and spritzing my limbs with no-itch spray.

But he was surprised.

So bug bites and decorations in major need of an overhaul aside, our super-stealthy mission was kind of a success!

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